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  1. I suppose that makes sense, if you only have a couple friends... but noticing that the pictures aren't of pets in the stands because you can see their whole body. So they are pets who are racing. Though only a couple months ago, I've already forgotten how many pets it took before the random unknown pets went away... Maybe I'll log on my daughter's acccount, she only has a couple friends—and see if she has random pets in there!
  2. I have a question... how is it that the new items are spotted in the stadium? When I go to the stadium, the only pets in there are friends' pets, and they - like me - don't have access to any new items yet. So who are these pets who are sporting new duds, and who is spotting them... and how? Does someone have a fake account with no friends and these guys come up randomly?
  3. Oh boy... more stuff I want to buy!!! And I haven't bought what I want from last (this) week yet!
  4. MaMaShiShi

    Thank You Thread!!

    Thanks to Steve for this site. Thanks to ragdoll for telling me about it. Thanks to Molly/Mooly for introducing me to PS. Thanks to Malena who I won tons of stuff from in a guessing contest. Thanks to Naykee's owner—I won a siggy drawing comp and got a bunch of prizes there, and then she gave me even more stuff for my daughter's pet. Thanks to PS player whose name I regretfully cannot recall. It was early in my newbie and new in the forum days—I won some kind of contest, and the prize was 'anything I wanted in store' - well I thought that meant one thing, so I asked for one thing... but she most generously loaded me up with plants and nice chairs and tub and sink and cabinets and better windows and doors and all kinds of stuff. It blew me away. I think she must be one of those angels, she didn't stay in my friends list, and I'm sad I can't remember her name! And thanks to all who've added me /befriended me/ chatted with me!
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