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  1. I like the sunglasses, grater, the bear cup (or pot or basket?) and what looks like a hoodie... if that's what it is. And the polar bear cup.. and the iguana! Cool! But the baby furniture and decor I can do without. Hope my 6 yr old doesn't want me to decorate 'her' room with baby items.
  2. do u want to make me 1.... i'll give u 2 GMBs... u are so creative babe... n_n Thanks for asking, but I'm not taking any new orders right now, so that I can finish up what I have and take a little break. Feel free to check back in this thread later. And welcome to PSFC—don't forget to put your facebook link in your profile, otherwise the mods will get after you. And have a look around PSFC us a fun forum!
  3. Awww. Pinchy's so cute! I didn't know what she looked like without her astro helmet. ; )
  4. Thanks Pinchy for your order - I'll do yours after I do Princess's... and when you find your picture. :mama: Oh frog doll and cookie jar! So nice - thanks! Been wanting another frog doll. :mama: :mama:
  5. love the living room , bath and kitchen. the art room is cool too. very original.
  6. Wow - that's pretty detailed. I'll see what I can do. When you say cute little animals, do you mean ones from PS - and are there certain ones you like?
  7. oh boy. definitely want those... i'm gonna need some coins to buy some MBs!!
  8. I can do that in the next couple days.. have some real life work I'm s'posed to be doing!
  9. Bold and kiba29 - your sig and avatar sets are ready - see third post.
  10. kthrina - there is one more set of sig and ava for you on post#3. Thanks for your payment!
  11. Your sig image should be hosted somewhere like imagehost.com In Profile > Signature You would type in something like: [ img ] http://www.imagehost.com/mypictures/mysignature.png [/ img ] (Omit the spaces - they're just there so this text doesn't create an actual link.)
  12. glad you like them. your requested changes: Feel free to start sending me some GMBs for these sets. I'll work on the purplehaze-style one later on. I need to get some real world work done.
  13. Check the third post - I've added 3 sets there—I did one similar to Sunshine's but forgot your color scheme - so did another one too. For the one like purplehaze - are you referring to the one that says 'gothic rocker' or the other purplehaze that has all the colors glowing around everything?
  14. yes i do. just take a look at the first couple posts, and let me know if you have any questions. and welcome to PSFC!
  15. nice - i like the green/black living room especially.
  16. may i have the window and wallpapers? ive sent them over hun xxx thank you thank you!
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