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  1. Michita is sooooo cute! Will do a sig for you in the next day or two. Do you want the sig only - or avatar too? Thanks!
  2. may i have the window and wallpapers?
  3. I have two extra tables two extra rings I'd like more wallpaper! I think I want it in every room! one more window
  4. I finally got a dragon doll! :59: Won it in a siggy comp - it was first prize. It's the 'rarest' doll I have thus far. (Still hoping to get one of each some day of jello, piggy, turkey, monster, mummy, black cat.) :roll:
  5. Yes, maintenance was a pain - but adding the gardens was a huge boost, well worth the wait. Fishing looks good too. Wonder if it will be a place we visit and bring back fish? I doubt we'd all get our own pond, huh?
  6. I remember writing that as a suggestion ages ago - that some items should go on 'sale' from time to time. (Sure I wasn't the first one to suggest it tho!) Love the red white and blue cupcakes - for 4th of July maybe? Wonder if the cupcake tree will produce seasonal cupcakes... that would be nice. I need a cupcake tree!
  7. xMichael - check the third post on the first page for your sig and avatar set!
  8. I'll work on the vector set ASAP. My daughter has a fever and is home from school, and I'm working around another project—but I'll do it very soon! Glad you like the first set.
  9. Hi Michael, I would love to make you a set - but just made one for your competition! Do you want another set?
  10. Little Foxy - I'e just PMed you about your sig and avatar. Have a look and let me know what you think.
  11. chickeetc - I have sigs and avatars for you - sending you a PM, and I'll also post them in post #3. Let me know if they're gonna work for you or if you'd like something else.
  12. it was hard waiting for the garden - but i think it was worth the wait. i'm kind of excited about the direction the game may be going in... more to do - as much as i love shopping and buying things, the game is becoming more than just collecting items. looking forward to seeing what the fishing is about. hopefully a new place to visit, spend some time fishing with friends, and come home with goodies. ; )
  13. i've been trying to log on all day and can't get in! i hope the garden is as cool as i think it is sounds! i love that they've added something to this game that can change/evolve over time. addicted as i am, i'm sure i'll have to log in more to see how my garden is growing... if i can ever get in to plant it!!! ahhhhh!
  14. HI chickettc - I can do your sig and avatar on Tuesday. I am finishing up a big assignment until then. Hope that's OK with you. I haven't done a dolly yet, but I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  15. Yes, I'm open and I'd love to do your sig and avatar—but I'm also finishing a big assignment. Could you possibly wait til Monday or Tuesday? I should have some time then.
  16. do hope the garden store is on the way... but wondering if some of 'last weeks items' that didn't come out will precede this... we may have to wait - or wouldn't it be nice if they all showed up this monday!
  17. I did I did! Just had a grand time opening all the little goodies - thanks so much! And the love heart box (what's it called?) - I clicked at just the right moment and got a great portrait of ShiShi with hearts and flowers around her - woohoo!
  18. for Mel: Let me know if you like them—and also if you want them for use in 'the other forum' - I can resize, etc.
  19. thanks for your payment - what a treat! enjoy your sig and ava!
  20. I had my hopes up for some italian items... wanted that mandolin and plate of spaghetti and the table... Love some of these items too - but same as others say - will probably be in cash shop, or for the other game... I'm getting skeptical! New doll is adorable. Hope it's for real.
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