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  1. Oh - I wanted to be on that... didn't get picked. waaah. Are you having fun with it?! What can you tell us?! I bet you're sworn to secrecy...
  2. congrats to sweetbbe85 for being the winner of all wishes! and thanks again for this very nice giveaway!
  3. Thanks for the great giveaway Steve! You have made some pets very happy.
  4. My wish for a spiral staircase was granted... and I love love love the staircase! Looks fabulous in my front room! Thank you Thank you Steve!
  5. My wishes: wall fountain spiral staircase (stainless/glass) trumpet black elec guitar may pole any doll listed in my sig a wish granted! add me via Facebook, Please put your forum username in the message (otherwise it will be declined!)
  6. I have never been much of an online game player until I discovered Pet Society... and became totally hooked on it. The things I enjoy most about this game, are buying new items, adding things to my rooms and rearranging things. I enjoy visiting pets, leaving messages sometimes, and giving gifts just for the fun of making someone's day. What makes this game work for me, is adding strangers to my friends list so I have more pets to visit and thus can earn coins. If I relied only on people I actually knew... I would have ten pets at the most, and only one of those who plays on a regular basis. The rest are newbies, and not likely I could trade anything with them. In the forums... honestly I've not been much of a trader—mainly because I came into the game when everything was about the inflated jukes and lips and no one could afford anything. I did however do well in contests for awhile, particularly ones for newbies. For awhile I could win a contest almost every day. But the contests have dwindled. I'm a little braver about trading now, but still reluctant to get items that way. I'd really prefer to be able to earn enough coins to buy what I like. It would be nice if: - the more time you put into the game, the more coins you can earn (whether by races, jobs, visiting pets, whatever) - there were additional ways to earn coins (how about if other pets visit us we get coins? jobs? more races/games? more coins for washing pets, more coins for roaming through the trees... - if some of the items weren't ridiculously over-priced I feel frustrated that after visiting 50 to 75 or even 100+ pets in a day, I only have enough coins to buy a couple average priced items. Luxury items can take a week or more to save up for... 'this week only' items become top priority before they disappear. I'd like to be able to earn enough coins, not just to buy stuff for me—but to buy extra items that I can give away... I like being checking out someone's house and seeing - gosh, they don't have toilet paper yet! and then run to the store, buy some and give it to them... it's fun for me... but now coins are so tight, I'm only buying for me, and am mostly disappointed that I still haven't been able to get some of the in store items that came out a couple months ago. Just my thoughts for the day.
  7. Oh that's fun - thanks so much for doing this! It may very well help me avoid some bad fashion choices in the future!!
  8. the jungle bed is infested with termites and other creepy crawlies. you won't get much sleep. i wish for a lamp post
  9. Not about sides—just as an artist, giving my opinion on what I understand as the intended use of a watermark, and to be honest, not seeing the purpose in anyone but Playfish watermarking Playfish images. I don't think it was necessary to watermark the image that was posted on this site either. It's not original art, there's nothing to be protected, since the art isn't 'owned' by this site or those that run it. And besides that - the watermark just makes it harder to see the images!
  10. I'll be friends! Good to remind ourselves that we're here because we're fans of pet society, and hopefully the fan sites and info sites and forums can complement each other and provide things that meet the different needs of members. And because I can't resist, please let me add my two cents: regardless of how the images were originally acquired, there seems to me no reason, and really no 'right' to watermark it. Watermarks, as I see it, are there to show ownership of an image, or protect it from being printed or copied without the owner's permission. An artist will use a watermark for exactly that—perhaps showing their work on an online portfolio, and protecting it with a watermark so that someone doesn't come along, 'steal' the image and use the art in an ad or on a product or whatever. As I see it, Playfish is the owner of the original art. Acquiring images that belong to Playfish, and then watermarking them with your name or business name or site's name, doesn't give you any ownership of that image. It's great that you figured out how to get this info in advance - it's exciting to get info like this ahead of time... but no one but Playfish can claim ownership to the images, and no one can own the information either - the info is leaked, intentionally or not, and passed along. Congrats to those who find out first, and thanks to them as well for passing it along and getting us all excited!
  11. the washing machine is not energy efficient nor eco friendly - it has three cycles, hot, hotter, and hottest. everything you put in it shrinks and the warranty is only good for a week. everything that goes in white, comes out pink. i wish for boxing gloves.
  12. Some nice items... but I'm actually relieved there isn't anything I feel like I have to have RIGHT NOW, which is my usual feeling... so maybe I can get caught up buying some other items I've been wanting...
  13. Bird house? Messy messy messy... scattered seeds everywhere, and bird droppings everywhere you step. Yuk! I wish for a cuckoo clock
  14. it's time... time to make a change—we are the people, we can do it! where have you been all my life?
  15. I had no idea—ShiShi will be having some new adventures in bathing!
  16. and surprised you will be, when you discover that it's not chocolate, and it's not an egg... but really a candy-coated rodent or fowl, depending on which surprise pops out... i'd be on the lookout for symptoms of parvovirus or avian influenza, as that candy coating likely had some animal droppings on it... I wish for the daffodil dress
  17. A MILLION chocolate bunnies, melted or not, you will have no self-control whatsoever and you will eat the chocolate bunnies not one by one, but by the handful (or slurpful)... and you will have a tummy ache for an entire year, and throughout that time there will be a song constantly running through your head 'the bunny, the bunny, oooh I ate the bunny' by Veggie Tales, a perfectly likeable song, but not constantly for a year! (I don't want some pickles, I don't want some honey, I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny...) I wish for panda slippers.
  18. The pink lips will be the most comfortable couch you have ever owned, but will need constant care with the luxuriously extravagant Precious Pink Lip Balm, not available in stores, through Mary Kay or any other cosmetic outlet on this planet. You will discover the only rare source of Precious Pink Lip Balm to be in a distant galaxy only accessible via Rocket Lava Lamp... which as we now know "will erupt like a volcano when you switch it on and fill your house with red hot lava". So sorry. I wish for a princess picnic blanket.
  19. Ummm, the thing about bunnies is—cute as they are—they multiply. And rather quickly. So rather than just getting one bunny doll, you are setting yourself up for an entire colony of forever multiplying rabbits... and they will ask you for carrots, all the time, and you will spend all your hard earned coins buying carrots to feed your kingdom of hares, who after being fed only carrots, and sparingly at that, since you are always running out of coins, they've become rather aggressive creatures, and very unhappy. You end up having to pay the humane society to take them away so you can once again live peacefully, but forever in debt to the mayor, who confiscated your house and everything in it. You now live under one of the pink trees, drink from the fountain and try to bum food from pets in the cafe. I wish for a rocket lava lamp.
  20. OH me too... and the kitchen items - the utensils and the pitcher...
  21. I'm guessing mystery food - mystery dessert... something like that! I'm hoping for cupcakes and hot fudge sundaes!
  22. I suppose that makes sense, if you only have a couple friends... but noticing that the pictures aren't of pets in the stands because you can see their whole body. So they are pets who are racing. Though only a couple months ago, I've already forgotten how many pets it took before the random unknown pets went away... Maybe I'll log on my daughter's acccount, she only has a couple friends—and see if she has random pets in there! I tried my daughter's account—she has 7 friends. No random pets or new items to be seen... Let me know if you see them
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