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  1. do u still have any monster bed
  2. i would like Cute Devil Plushie Eyeball Glasses already send the payment ^^
  3. i would like 2 pink cute spider
  4. how much is the Decorative Pumpkin Bag
  5. [quote="JuicyFruity"] I got an A2, Can I get a D4 Sure. I have sent you an F/R I need 1,A, B, C, D 2 C 4 D if anyone would be interested to swap with me i would be glad i need the E3 i will give u my A5
  6. ok, i'll send those over to ya. i do need stuff, but i don't know the names. i'll post a picture like you guys did. thanks! ok, here are the pics: i need 2 items. [/quote] i have the mouth u need in the first pic i would like the bandage
  7. can i have ur Black Build a Scarecrow Base i will give u the Scarecrow Crow
  8. Sure thing! Just send payment at your earliest convenience. ^^ yeah will send u now I didn't get payment yet ^.^ But I have it saved for you still. so sr my ps is a bit crzy last night so i cant send u but i just sent u 4x999 i would like the vampire stick near the micro too No prob!!! ^,^ Added reps to you toooo! [/quote]
  9. Sure thing! Just send payment at your earliest convenience. ^^[/quote] yeah will send u now
  10. [quote="CharlotteLouise"] I've edited your post with prices, let me know if they're ok alredy sent u 6x999 i only take the nerdy bear and the angel cat plushie
  11. how much is the nerdy bear angel cat plushie fast food meal
  12. i would like 1 angle cat plushie is it 1x3333
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