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  1. Hi Gabrielle, the following items are still in DIY shop Antique roses wallpaper Tall cabin window Wide cabin window I can gift you Subtle flowers wallpaper if you haven't got it yet. You may want to add me with a msg as I don't really come here often Cheers.
  2. I can do it for 5x5999. If you still need it, pls add me. Thanks
  3. ximuoi


    Bundle received. Thank you so much for the trade Khor
  4. ximuoi


    50x5999 sent. Kindly check. Thanks
  5. ximuoi


    Could you please accept my f/r from my other acct please (Lily Hai). I will send you payment from there. Thanks Chloe
  6. ximuoi


    I will take it please
  7. I have. Pls add me if you still need them
  8. ximuoi

    please close

    Demi...Snowy Palace Garden Bench received rep added for you :merry:
  9. Hi Calvin, I am selling the Japanese Princess Bundle for 40cc? Is it that you want to buy it? If you do, can we trade on Wed when new items as well as the new limited item are out? Thanks
  10. I am so sorry Hinapasha....someone just asked me to hold it for her. Can I get back to you tomorrow if she does not take it? Thanks Alright Sorry Hina...it's sold. thanks for stopping bỵ
  11. Hi Rocio, Did you mean you plant new seeds (Silver Winter Tree Seed and the Snowy Cone Tree Seed) or you mean you plant 2 Silver Winter Tree Seeds (one you bought and one gifted)?? I could plant the Silver Winter Tree Seed that I bought but couldn't plant the one gifted. Thanks
  12. I am so sorry Hinapasha....someone just asked me to hold it for her. Can I get back to you tomorrow if she does not take it? Thanks
  13. I am selling these bundles: 1 x Red Shoes Bundle - 9x5999 (SOLD) 1 x Princess and the Pea Bundle - 10x5999 (SOLD) 1 x Rapunzel Bundle - 9x5999 (SOLD) 1 x Japanese Princess Bundle - 40cc Thanks :carol:
  14. Hi Amelie, Are you selling or buying? (If buying, this should be posted in "Looking for"). Anyway, I have 1 bundle if you want to buy. I just sold 1 bundle for 40cc. If you are ok with this price, we can trade next week when new items coming out. Thanks
  15. You are right Demi. The Beanstalk worked perfectly! I'm not sure how/where to complaint on this matter with Palyfish (not to mention time taken to follow it up)... so I just gave up. You seem to be more upset than me Demi... I got over with it now and kept the seed in my Summer Garden as a treasure Cheers.
  16. I've just tried to buy the seed myself and it went into the plot ok....but the one I got gifted did not work!!!!!
  17. I still can not plant it Demi... anyone who has successfully planted it, pls let me know. Much appreciated.
  18. I'm just wondering if anyone is having the same problem with me! I just had a trade and had the seed sent over from the buyer...but I can't put it in the plot!!!! All other trees work perfectly. I tried refreshing the game many times and getting frustrated now. Hopefully the issue will ve resolved tomorrow when I wake up... (
  19. I have extra luminous cute halloween ghost
  20. ximuoi


    I have 1 Winter fairy wings - on sale for 15 x 5999
  21. ximuoi

    please close

    Thank you for being so patient Demi Here is what I would like to have: Snowy Palace Garden Bench - 11cc (*new) - this limited item won't be in the shop until Wed Silver Winter Tree Seed - 9cc (*new) Beanstalk Bean (for extra room) - 20cc As agreed we will trade tonight. However, I'll send you the whole Japanese princess bundle and you can send the remaining Snowy Palace Garden Bench to me when it comes out on Wed. Thanks
  22. Hi Demi, I have: dark wooden table magic mermaid dress tea party chair How does 2x5999 sound to you?
  23. ximuoi

    please close

    f/r accepted. thanks. I'll contact you when it's close to that day
  24. ximuoi

    please close

    Hi Demi, I have the bundle... but... 1) Are you willing to pay up to 40cc? 2) Can you wait until Monday 13-Dec, when the new cash items are out. If you are willing to reserve 40cc for me, we can trade on that day. Thanks
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