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  1. ohhh everyone is so adorable and cute
  2. thanks widuri your siggy is very cute too..
  3. Chippezit

    Baby Update

    OMG youre pregnant my sister is pregnant too... and going to 6 months too...
  4. yeah i will definitely like to join lol... i have to go back in school first.. see yah later again ayathon
  5. @Mage and Gabs thank you alot... i just wonder about the sky behind it because i just only made it.. does it look like one? because I just saw it in pet society wallpaper and in some portraits in PS
  6. Congrats chay... you got lots of gmb... nice comp ayah.. hoping to join in this kind of comp soon
  7. ohh thanks i just made it for 3 weeks i guess it depends on my mood lolz.. you have a nice siggy there too
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