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  1. Acctually you can also send your things to your best friend's account who don't really play pet society. Then when you need it, u can ask him or her send you back straightly
  2. Thanks Nancy The next person will get a Gigantic Homegrown Happy Ghostly Vegetable!~
  3. Wow, when i saw your child i felt like im back to a children again even though im a teenager~
  4. Oh i love this week's theme. And all of your rooms looks so sweet!
  5. oh so cool, here is mine~ 06 - 25 - 02 - 15 - 13 - 14 and 11 - 23 - 39 - 05 - 07 - 22
  6. Can i have the LE item for santa paw week? The griched teddy?Run out of money again...
  7. Hi Kivie~ Can you help me dye another wig pls?~ Thank you so much~~ Mussed hair wig: pink - left Winter fairy wig: brown - right
  8. Can i ask for the winter roof top wallpaper this week pls? Really run out of money to buy the igloo T.T thanks
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