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Everything posted by limyuheng

  1. Acctually you can also send your things to your best friend's account who don't really play pet society. Then when you need it, u can ask him or her send you back straightly
  2. Thanks Nancy The next person will get a Gigantic Homegrown Happy Ghostly Vegetable!~
  3. Wow, when i saw your child i felt like im back to a children again even though im a teenager~
  4. Oh i love this week's theme. And all of your rooms looks so sweet!
  5. oh so cool, here is mine~ 06 - 25 - 02 - 15 - 13 - 14 and 11 - 23 - 39 - 05 - 07 - 22
  6. Can i have the LE item for santa paw week? The griched teddy?Run out of money again...
  7. Hi Kivie~ Can you help me dye another wig pls?~ Thank you so much~~ Mussed hair wig: pink - left Winter fairy wig: brown - right
  8. Can i ask for the winter roof top wallpaper this week pls? Really run out of money to buy the igloo T.T thanks
  9. Oh, but on facebook im still awaiting your friend conformation... I still want to dye that mussed hair wig.. Brown - center Thank you so much
  10. limyuheng

    i miss you all

    Hi im still new here, but still, welcome back~ :hoho:
  11. Ya, lea75, everyone loves to visit their family but find hard to get time to visit. So we have to treasure those times we had with them...
  12. Im there for about 10 days. :hoho: Yes children are adorable but always cry here cry there, sometimes feels very irritating. But they are still children, can't be angry with them
  13. Hi Sparkie can you help me dye my Mussed Hair Wig in darkest brown? Thanks~ please accept my friend request
  14. Im excited! Sounds good! great idea
  15. I bought 7 trees, just cannot get the black chirstmas tree
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