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Everything posted by limyuheng

  1. OH looks so dilicious! Thanks for sharing !!
  2. Hoah so cute~ my sister will really love it.. :dance2:
  3. Beautiful decorations! :tree2: Somehow looks like those new furnitures in ps :hoho:
  4. Wow! A huge Heron! COOOL!! :smiles:
  5. Oh your children are so cute!! a lovely photo~ :hoho:
  6. Just came back from HongKong with my mum. We visited my mum's sister and her 3 years old girl. She is so cute!! Children are so adorable, i don't even want to come back already...
  7. I don't quite like this weeks items. except for the clothing...
  8. I have 2 leather vintage hat and one goggle. Can't get the floating island decor... It looks so cute.. :panda:
  9. I come from China, now studying in Singapore My english is not good
  10. Last time I also play but nowdays it load just too slow and i don't play it anymore...
  11. didn't wash my pet for 3 days and feed it very full, those flies are really um... irritating, but without them the pet won't poo leave it in a empty room and wait for the poo... Im so glad when i saw the golden poo shiny on the ground but i just accidently click on it and its gone Arhh....
  12. Wow, thats so sweet! i love babies~ they are just so cute
  13. Oh, ur are so kind~ i just register so many ppl welcome me already Thx for reminding me to see those rules. My pet just got a golden poo!~
  14. Woah! Ur room is really nice and well down!! Really like ur room, congratz
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