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Zane Lacquer

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  1. Oh i'm working on all the subjects i learned at school T_T lol
    completing my missing work in exact. and i have a massive extra-large pile of worksheet on my desk, waiting to be done -_- wow just how i hate this...
    i wish i could finish them on time!

  2. I had been off this forum lately.. and pretty much back for a bit right now congratulations

    However I'll be taking school's exam in a week time, so things are going tough here. Yet my undone assignments keep me busy.. AARGHH sorry for sharing something worthless. lol.

    Well how has everyone been doing? I've looked around a little and i found some new faces XD

    P.S i hope some of you recalled me T_T haha

  3. Hello.. this is my entry.

    I really like this week's theme. There are lots of new available items in the store!! and what's best, most are not CCs...and so, stuffs turn out to be more reachable and affordable xD hehe

    below is a picture of my happy pet, Lacquer in his room. He's also glad about this wonderful Mermaid Kingdom theme, except the fact that he has to wear some female mermaid outfit! Lol

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