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Zane Lacquer

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  1. that's great,.. congratulations
    what things do you usually draw?

    oh hey want to try a little change for some fun? Lets play 'Guessing' to get to know each other better! i don't have prizes for right answers but lets just try. Here's my question:

    1. My Favorite color: A. blue B. green
    2. My sibling: A. sister B. brother
    3. Favorite food: A. spaghetti B. pizza
    4. Book i read most: A. mystery B. fiction
    5. Drink i prefer: A. juice B. tea
    6. Genres i like: A. comedy B. fantasy
    7. Favorite number: A. six B. nine
    8. My style of greeting: A. hiya! B. yo!
    9. My bestfriend..: A. a boy B. a girl
    10. Thing i cherish: A. book B. cooking

    Try answering them please (A/B)
    and make your questions for me to answer hehe ^^


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