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  1. My pet got stuck while digging in on of the Treasure Hunt sections
    When i clicked one of the plots. my pet dug it up as how it should be... but he doesn't stop! x_x

    Is this an error? what should i do? should i leave the digging area?
    And what action is best to take when similar problem attempts?

    please help

  2. Pedj@ 94 Dixy wrote:
    thank you congratulationsSmile i seen them on fb but i have remove tag cause i don't want to have PS pictures outside my PS album congratulationsSmile

    Yup yup no problem,, congratulations and thanks for the like!

    Lucky Strike wrote:
    I'm glad it all worked out!
    Btw.. also be careful of the type of pic.. Some need to be in another extension.. (for example gimp pics)

    oh Okay ^^
    how could i tell whether i've gotten the right type of picture?

  3. Pedj@ 94 Dixy wrote:
    ahahahahahha congratulations well everything is possible :Dyou don't know my plans congratulations maybe i just want to be nice and then to delete you all ahahahahahahah just kidding congratulations

    RofL, i'll force you to accept and put me back into your friendlist again when that happens congratulations hahahaha

    LOL, I am looking forward for that...
    Maybe it will be a nice thing to see who's really are your friends, if they were really a friend, I am sure they will notice that you were missing on their list of friends.. and I try to re-add you,

    Thumbs up for you!! ^^
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