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  1. Lucky Strike wrote:
    I'm trying to resell a few things.. BUT while i was in my chest (and trust me i got lost) I was unsure if i should sell many things or not.. Especially in my wardrobe!!!!!!! How insane is that??
    Has it ever happened to you? What did you do? I need advise!!!!!!
    Also, is it me or maaaaaaany people are trying to minimize their chest these days??? Laughing

    WHoa..!! cool, that never happened to me since i never really have many things xD try to post the items you no longer need. Some of us (count me in Lol) might be interested to trade/purchase those items. This way you could get rid of your full chest ^^

  2. XD lol
    That... i was planning to Bold the phrase, but changed my mind and only managed to delete the , leaving the closing code behind.
    the world should know the fact that i am....

    [b]badly forgetful

    .. one more thing, im proud of being one Yeaaaahhhhhh (na! for real ;D it sent me into a bottomless pit hahhaha)

  3. Oh i see! this way i could take some days off without worries congratulations
    And about wig dye tables... there are 3 all in all so far, do you remember the time intervals between them [when one was released after another]?
    Are they constantly updated every certain period of time?

  4. Will the "Last Week in stores/One week only notice always be there before items are permanently removed?
    Or is it possible for items to be removed from shops without those notices?
    Please reply..Thanks! congratulations

  5. Pedj@ 94 Dixy wrote:
    7*999 for the lamp and blue penguin congratulations sorry can't do any discount on the small amount of 999 like this Smile will send you items when you send the payment Smile

    oh alright,, coming in a whileee! congratulations
    P.S im taking the Lamp only for the moment.. i just wasted my 999s to purchase some dolls xD so.. it's 3*999 alright? sorry for the trouble
    i'll tell you when i have gain some more 999s to purchase other stuff! congratulations

  6. Hi,, I really love this week's Theme but most of the things im aiming for needs playfish coins
    So here i am... looking forward to some trades on the MadHatter Bundle and other CC items with cheap prices
    Frankly speaking i don't have much but i'll try to pay it right.. Ashamed

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