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  1. OH MY!!! that's a lot!!! O_O sooo niceeeee
    i don't have many holidays here and the longest break possible is like 3 weeks (which is for christmas, newyear and term/semester break)

    ^^ hehe thanks for the compliment pedja congratulations i'll try to update this year's drawing.. and the key point of drawing manga is : read and watch japanese cartoons (anime and manga) and ofcourse draw a lot
    I wish i could make my own comic one day XDD



    @Earon i would be glad as well.. congratulations
    but i could assure you that it wouldn't be my only reaction. I'd LOL at first impression if that's true Laughing
    @Esperia Hi! congratulations [** im adding you into the very short list of From-the-monster survivals Lol]

    Pedj@ 94 Dixy wrote:
    ahahahahah congratulations earon congratulationsSmile yeah i dreamed how Dixy has walk to your house and eatnen earon for lunch and Zane for dinner

    XD Hey Earon i think this is the chance where we can meet face-to-face....in Pedja's stomach Laughing


  3. Oh sorry to hear that Aya.. hopefully your internet will get better soon ^^

    Anyway don't worry you're not the only one, we're sharing the same problem here xD
    Sometimes it happens to me too and the next thing you know, i go crazy and frustrated afterwards hahahha Laughing

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