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  1. Hello everyone, please help me out with these stuff:

    TABLE: Here are the things i am Searching for, make offers on price [not too expensive please, i don;t have much ^^"]:

    -  180px-12.png
    Bundled up Scarf

    Teacups Decor

    Fancy Black and White Hat

    -  180px-13.png
    Fish Bag Hat

    (i've got it)

    (i've got it)

    -  a10.png
    Mon Petit Cheri Wig

    Mad Hatter Bundle


    Princess & the Pea Bundle

    LIST: Here are the things i would like to Sell/Trade:

     orange10.png black-10.png pink-g12.png
    (3x) Orange Goldfish Bag, (3x) Pink Goldfish Bag, (1x) Black Goldfish Bag
    Pick 2 of any colors for 999*1

     gumdro10.png (2x) GumDrop Bunny for 999*1 each ***
     carame10.png(2x) Caramel Bunny for 999*1 each ***
     cotton11.png (2x) CottonCandy Bunny for 999*1 each ***
     sugars10.png (x1) Sugarsweet Bunny for 999*1 each ***

    Wig Dye service:
    Coral Pink/Pearl Blonde/Ivory Blonde = 999*2 /wig
    Sweet Pink/Regal Pink/Plum Red = 999*1 /wig
    Dark Brown/Light Brown/Dark Ash Wig = 999*1 /wig

    Legend :
    *** you may also request me a trade with other items

    - Feel free to make offers and give advices if over priced or too low xD
    - If you are purchasing, please send me the items first.
    - If you are selling the items im looking for, please tell me.

    By the way, u can put your trust on me. Im NOT a scammer/cheater or anything along those lines ;D

  2. Pedj@ 94 Dixy wrote:
    hii all congratulations i just come from party and here is 3:00 after midnight soooo i'm death and going to sleep congratulations see you tomorrow congratulations thank you for everything congratulations

    congratulations i slept at 3 too and woke up at 9 this morning Lol!

    oh, Hello everyone! nice to meet you all here!
    by the way, if im not mistaken, i think Gabs made a typo in making the counts... i suppose it's 127 not 137
    And.... i feel the same way like Gabs do : ) can't wait until the new theme shows up!

    139 (or should we have it 129? i personally prefer to leave it off that way though XD)

  3. ayathon wrote:

    Good for you Zane, Pedja is so kind and sweet to let you pass this time.., at least now you know that posting in a row is not allowed.. if you still have questions don't be shy to ask.. ^^

    Pedj@ 94 Dixy wrote:
    we are here to explain anything that need to be explained congratulationscongratulations soo don't be shy to ask congratulations

    hoho aye aye,, thanks guys!! :') im touched XD
    P.S i did make some topics out of my questions. but at certain cases, for some reasons,.. no one seem to even noticed Laughing


  4. ayathon wrote:
    I have replied to you, hope those help you out... but if you are having a hard time, just ask it on the forum... people around here will gladly help you to figure out what you want to know... they were sweet and kind...

    ^^ Okay!!
    and Congrats!

    Pedj@ 94 Dixy wrote:

    Zane : you can't post twice in a row congratulations you need to wait but i will forgive you this time only ahahahahhahaha congratulations yaaaaay this is finally moving congratulations
    also thank you for compliments for drawing congratulations i'm sooo glad you like it congratulations well i like to draw on a paper too but also love digital art congratulations
    Can you take pictures of some of your drawings congratulations I really wanna see them congratulationscongratulations

    XD hahhahah alright i'll keep in mind not to do that again.. Oh and about posting my drawing,, i'll try doing that over the weekend. I got to scan them first ^^

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