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  1. I wasn't impressed either. I stuck with the pink one myself. Some things about this week are cool like the pink wig and the makeup kit or the fox costumes but they're all for pet cash. That's kinda lame.
  2. I'm having that issue too. Although for me it's 2 butterflies. I can't seem to get that blasted cow bath toy either. lol
  3. Hello! The Cheshire cat bundle has been traded. Thank you Bonnie! All other bundles are still available. Thanks so much for looking!
  4. I agree. I bought a ton of boxes today trying to complete the collection and get Alice. I'm not so convinced of the rarity of "rare" items either. I got three Cheshire cats and zero Alices. Such a bummer.
  5. Hi all! I'm new here and have some Wonderland bundles to trade. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong or need to add anything. I have: 2 Red Queen 2 White Rabbit 1 Cheshire Cat I would love any of the girlie pirate stuff and really really want the Alice costume.
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