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  1. shakz7

    FFK Stories

    have gun where can travel bang kang kena tangkap laa.. gun haram here...
  2. shakz7

    epic raok is epic

    I can sense the jealousy...
  3. shakz7

    FFK Stories

    What to do some ppl get offended.... but no worries sooner or later they will get what i mean....
  4. shakz7

    epic raok is epic

    Awesome ROAK... which series were this from? LRW? sorry im a newbie in BS...
  5. The prices are already sky rocketing now on the evil bay...
  6. shakz7

    FFK Stories

    Yapz2 good reputation is very important in our hobby.... so you guys know what to be done... And for those who were not happy with my earlier statement im sorry if it has offended you in any way.. it was a very general term look at what your pocket can afford rather then the heart desire... I wont be replying any of the 3 PM's ive received in regards to the statement but I've made it clear here in public its just what i feel and its a humble advise for my fellow collector that's all.. not mean to show off or etc...
  7. nope he wanted carded..mine all loose... Those who has also will be thinking very much to trade now since its becoming a sort after item... nway good luck mr wildspirit....
  8. well facebook is facebook.... yet with facebook so many other forums are still alive and active... There is something which need to be done to fix this issue... Cheers!
  9. shakz7

    FFK Stories

    Hurm... well well welll.. all i can say is if you are a student or a working adult collector... look at what your pocket can afford 1st rather then what your heart as a collector desire....
  10. eh bkn sudah kasi trade ker itu hari?
  11. Looking forward for a bigger turnout 2013...
  12. shakz7

    Finally i got a RAOK

    U can alwayz ask for you to be lauked by raja azlan...
  13. You are referring to 1:64 or 1:43 or 1:18?
  14. The short card is from mainline so there is no wheel varies and its a 458 Italia.. the 430 Scuderia is a must have TH..
  15. So many clubssss... whats happening???????
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