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  1. @loon : cool casting .. Is it a new casting ?
  2. Hi , can u pls PM me the price for both set too . Thanks
  3. dah lambat beb... aku semalam dah pm.. dah ada orang beli... Sorry bro , i'm the buyer for the batmobile . Anyway , want to said thanks to latias93 and he is a nice seller to deal with .
  4. Nice garage there , like the way u display your collection ..
  5. Oh , the GTR set has arrived .. @loon , can PM me the price for the TL GTR set 1 and 2 ..
  6. TQ for all the compliment . Come ~ Come ~ Make an offer to me or can have a trade .. Regards the price , can nego till both parties are satisfied..
  7. Nice 1 bro , great haul ..
  8. Nice collection of minis u had .. But that pink mini sesat from where la .. or i'm the one who sesat .. haha
  9. @msclee : PM replied . @sahama : thanks @hassan : Clearing up spaces for upcoming "VIP"s @Chah : Don think too much , just make an offer . The most i can said is NO wat... Or maybe we can work out for a trade ?? @sinclair :
  10. Wishes to clear off some of my collection . Its either getting bored to see it or funding for other poison . As usual , shoot me a RESONABLE offer , once it hit on my reserved price , items will be yours Lot A (SOLD) Lot B(SOLD) Lot C Spoiler: Lot D (Note : box had opened and rubber been cut-off ) Close-up view Spoiler: Item E Item F ----------------------------------------------------- Updated : Item G- Oil cans Batmobile LIMITED 4000 pcs, not 20,000 pcs Item H - Mystery DD ( w/ protector) Spoiler: List ended . Thanks for viewing this thread .
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