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  1. here is my opinion on the matchbox = hotwheels issue.h i really agree alot with paanjang16 and redkop about matchbox diecasts are way real detailed and up to scale compare to hotwheels(the comparission is between HOTWHEELS BASIC CAR and MATCHBOX BASIC CARS). lets do not forget about the casting quality. i wonder why for the same price (RM 6.50), the quality differences is very big. o

    as akop said about the black R32, it is bad if you ask me. Same goes to the gold color variation. Unpainted front, rear lamps, bad tempos and oxidation on the paint job. Not that I am finding fault with hotwheels but that is the undeniable truth that the quality indeed is not up to standard with matchbox.

    another one is the corvette zr1. Initially I thought that the hotwheels version is nice enough but after I visited Benpaul's blog where he featured the matchbox zr1, he highlighted about the carbonfibre textured roof, and I was shocked. I immediately uncarded one of the matchbox zr1 that I had and to my suprise, the texture is up to scale and indeed carbonfibre texture !! My suprise, I never seen such thing in a small scale car !!

    And talking about the Honda Civic Type R from matchbox series, I mean the Euro Civic, look at the details around it. It's totally amazing. Painted front and rear lamps, textures at the lamps, and other small details like the Type R embleems and number plates. It's a breeze. Now lets compare the EP3 civic from hotwheels, it's totally out of propotion and lacking in detailing compartment.

    Another car would be the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The hotwheels version doesn't have the details painted at all while the Matchbox version had all the details painted and it's very please to the eyes. I think alot of you here will agree with me .

    When Adrian told me that Hotwheels doesn't have the scale indicated at the base of the car, I checked every cars that I had and to my suprise, it doesn't have any scale. So I wondered if Hotwheels designed them base on the real dimension of the car or simply just draw them on the CAD and tool them. Matchbox wise, they have scale indicate at the base and the propotion is accurate and close to the real thing.

    OK, lets put this simple, matchbox cars have better detailing, quality compare to hotwheels car. But as many said, hotwheels selling strength is the variation and new castings everything and not forgetting tempos on the cars. Another point is treasure hunt. However, to me, although I collect both hotwheels basic cars and matchbox basic cars, I would prefer matchbox more than Hotwheels.

    Hope I will not get bombarded at HWCM.

  2. cloudy,i cannot agree with you saying that they deserve the earnings.
    there are two types of way of reselling
    1) the UNETHICAL way: that is scalp as much as you like and
    price it high at ebay/forums
    2) the ETHICAL way: buy a few and resale them at the forum
    at retail/slightly higher than retail OR TRADE

    that is what i think is correct

  3. hokuan wrote:
    jhc, the one who filter is not aunty chia,she just offer to keep th, whether really got keep or not, still unknown. The person who filter is a chinese guy that has contact with the staff there, but I'm not sure who contact him when the stock arrive.

    i think aunty chia got keep lah. to me she's quite OK , a friendly old lady. talk to her few times. like hokuan said, she also ask if i want to keep greenies. i say no need lah..cause i don't fancy much about greenies and healthy competition..

    but jhc, the one u saw when they hang the stocks and no greenies is because the chinese guy already filtered them in the case cause he knew person there... even aunty chia is also in the blur state...cause heard it's a malay girl that open the case

  4. Well hokuan, now I really understand solid_snake feels. insiders are everywhere now.
    The place that have insider here are:
    1) Skudai Taman Universiti JUSCO
    2) Skudai Taman Universiti MPH (JUSCO)

    Why I dare to say have insider at Skudai? Cause Thunts will be gone even though you see the guys arranging Hotwheels on the racks. I personally know who the insider is and a few of the forummers here also know him. He leaves contact to them and filter the case first...

    1) JUSCO Tebrau City(JB) TRU

    This place the insider is most unique and he is one of the high profile staff at this TRU branch.He filters the good cars for himself. Alot of people can confirm that.
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