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  1. well mr solid snake,
    once you beat a guy that have an insider in that place, do you think that guy will trust that insider again? think again..he will be so piss off knowing that the insider cannot be trusted.

    and as hokuan stressed, it's all about luck.......
    if not i will not score so many thunts last year at jb alone.....

  2. cloudy wrote:
    cham2020 wrote:
    well, someone hit those places that have insiders but he manage to scored alot of thunts...is that luck or dust?

    Just think of it, there will no longer have any thunts if that place have insiders. Insider won't let any thunt hang on the rack and waiting for the lucky guys, so chances for luck was 0%. This is not luck or dust, just F**K.

    but honestly, what i said really happened. someone from here attacked those place with insiders and he manage to score cyclops no jokes
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