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  1. vin^

    Evo trades

    any one have extra evos for trade? i need to collect those newer evo... except the below. 2007 track star evo 7 2008 evo x red 2008 evo x blue 2008 evo x grey
  2. vin^

    Reventon Roadster

    nice job man.. i am loving it
  3. hi.. i got gp2009, ferrari430 spider.. pm me if u are interested
  4. wow.. confirm got suspension ? i only got 1... cant make it loose.. anyone can confirm ?
  5. nice ar.. may i know after u separate the car.. then how to stick back the base to the body ? if u use the drill to separate it?
  6. vin^

    Treasure Hunt$ trade

    thanks xeifu and jhc ckh... i also ada banyak burung biru.. akekeke
  7. vin^

    Treasure Hunt$ trade

    thanks for the offer.. what others do u have ? can pm me ?
  8. Hi all, i got a Chylser 300C TH$ and open for trade.. and would like to trade with other TH$ plse pm me your offer.. thanks
  9. where u get all the skirting ? and the spoiler ?
  10. possible the 2 pack available in msia ?
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