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  1. @enyomic - Thx ^^. U still remember me ^^ Good luck to u too.
  2. I thought tis wave have already hit our shore?
  3. how to know whether it is super... regular also got $ sign.. confuse liao
  4. saw them.. but didn't buy.. nowadays.. i only buy green when i saw them. very limited budget...
  5. why susah susah.. watch it @ http://www.8tv.com.my/Shows/EpHighlight.aspx?MasterID=34&ShowID=874&MenuID=2&SubMenuID=1&TemplateID=1&EpID=25366&VideoID=26246#ancPlayer log in 8tv.com.my.. go 8tv quickie.. ^^
  6. Cantek! Is it the same price as normal HW?
  7. congrats! 2010 will be good year for ya
  8. wah!!! many errors & green.. wat combo congrats!
  9. ok! i found them liao. thx all kolos thread lor...
  10. ckh - you want sponsor 60 socks? sinclair - unisex one.. for party.. got see or not?
  11. Need help here... anyone can help me find santa hat... normal can already for the price of less than 1.30/pc. I need to around 60pcs. I heard my friend say that Tesco is selling. Anyone can help me check it out while hunting. Kam sia
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