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  1. netmatrix

    Evo X spider

    Somehow it looks like Mitsu Eclipse.
  2. Poor guy. No wonder u treat it like treasure hunt. But this is great job none the less.
  3. Seen this maisto miura many times. But didnt buy it. Why? Rm 6.90. Because i paid the same price last year for one with better details from mbx. So i have a few. Many has it also. The yellow one. If it came in red, it would not be un wanted.
  4. I'm waiting for the road grader and crane.
  5. Yup, here too out of the box. Set the camera to night tripod mode, blast the car with torchlight and snap.
  6. Seriously, after some unsavoury incident i found out toys are for play and not collecting. Being a kid, you should open it up roll it and let the days go by and hope u make a story out of the toy to carry it to your future. This waiting for shop to open and wait to open up boxes of toys and being the first in line is all being the modern adult. TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE DOING IT. If you can't deal with this black part of adult hood, then stop buying HW. The scene have changed from being collector friendly to hostile environment. There are people who pass judgement on first call. There are people who are in to make money. There are people who thick faced. And there are people who make politics a part of toys. Believe me, there is these people exists here in HWC and outside HWC. Smiley faces in front, demon at the back. And their cronies, supporters, passerbys and such. So in the end, u deal with it. So see them and bounce off. Don't bother. Let them rot. They eventually will and hope they pray to god to remove their wrong doings. Make sure u throw away these things that cause problems. Eventually they are not worth fighting for.
  7. This Evo proportions actually looked better than the Maisto Evo... damn!!
  8. BAT already arrive here locally along with new wave of MBX. Someone posted the pic in another forum.
  9. Going to ship soon. 1stop already taking orders.
  10. Look what i stumbled upon. Dunno if this will be 5 pack or special series or even integrated to mainlines. Its so like Tomica stuff if u ask me. The color and the designs especially. The tell tale signs its hot wheels are the wheels!
  11. To me the height is way too much.
  12. Eh why ah the first picture the left most is a OCC splitback but with Hw450 name plate. hahaha
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