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  1. Morning, Since my dad died 3 months+ ago life is different life has changed and here i am cleaning up room throwing things selling things..time for some changes in life As usual guys PM for price,
  2. Thread cleaned and updated Sold cars removed and new cars added Thanks to brothers who support my sales
  3. PM me for price to avoid any misunderstand do confirm the cars buying, then pay me and i'll ship out ASAP..easy clean deal
  4. so many green and yellow, eye also pain looking at the pics lol
  5. clear gudang..hehe so many cars for sale
  6. i love ferrari hehe PM u guys after this
  7. as usual PM me for prices, buy more free postage thanks!
  8. fuyoh..y such thing never happen to me
  9. only gaming on pc since dont have any console make me poor keep upgrading just to played latest gamesbut currently played nothing lol and waiting for company of heroes : TOV..my fav RTS ever hehe
  10. nice wheel on that massa f1 car..the car looks so much better hehe
  11. super nice stuff especially those real riders
  12. nice for me leave it like that without tempo already very nice
  13. launching "save carded hw from sinclair" campaign muahaha
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