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  1. In Vietnam doesn't have booklet. We buy it from Mattel.
  2. Sorry long time didn't update. These are just arrived from my friend at US My Fav - 2013 Hot Wheels Chevy Camaro Special Edition
  3. Congratulations HWCM Annual Dinner 2012. Good place for evening and good success.
  4. Happy birthday Thanh from Vietnam to Malaysia and to everywhere.
  5. Oh it is have variant rear wheel of 63 Studebaker Champ ?
  6. OMG, postage made it broken.
  7. Wow, Malaysia have 3pack. In Vietnam can't find 3pack from 2009. Congrats.
  8. Background as Beautiful Flowers, this is beautiful GT
  9. Thank all. I continue found error, hihi. Front wheel yellow line, rear wheel red line
  10. Hi guys, i'm so lucky when property two colors of 2010 Infiniti but i don't know why Mattel design base with "Y" not "I".
  11. Today in Vietnam appear new Hot Wheels. and ...
  12. I'm very lucky with Hot Wheels error This's wrong color at right bottom in 2009 Team Series card
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