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  1. Nice catch! These are at Central World's Isetan?
  2. Spotted:- 1. Yellow Chevy Camaro -> Litt Tak Sungei Wang Plaza. 2. TL Honda NSX-R -> Isetan KLCC
  3. Spotted TL0142 - Subaru Impreza WRX STi 4door and few others at Litt Tak.
  4. Spotted TL0136 - Nissan GTR Spec-V (pearl white) at Litt Tak.
  5. I see flaming skull! Nice work! But the skull look pretty sad
  6. All of the mentioned model (except for item 6) can be easily buy in Majorette Racing 3-pack; since you are looking for either carded or loose. I've seen it in Parkson (Sungei Wang & KLCC), Sogo and The Store. Cheers!
  7. It's the 1:18 Maisto Ducati bike. Can get from most shopping complex. It's retail about RM34.90 each if not mistaken. But is getting this thru Shell promo cheaper?
  8. http://paultan.org/2010/10/13/proton-p3-90a-based-on-mitsubishi-lancer-preview-drive/
  9. Wow.. this is fast! The car hasn't officially launch yet, but already there's a club!
  10. If I'm not mistaken, they intro this with the Persona HL. But it only unlock the trunk instead of automatically open wide :S
  11. Anyone know what engine it will be using?
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