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  1. Renji, i got the 09 Ford Focus RS (red) do u interested to trade?
  2. This is a funny TH! Not my cup of tea, pass!
  3. Hey renji, the regular HW 2012 '09 Ford Focus RS got 2 card version, which one u looking for? the 2012 or 2013 or both. Can't wait to see what more item you will add for trade
  4. Phoenix

    Ferrari 575 GTC

    Any 1 had this? Carded or Loose also can
  5. Phoenix

    Ferrari 575 GTC

    FYI, here is the picture. http://i44.servimg.com/u/f44/13/74/98/29/hotwhe11.jpg
  6. Nissan 350Z (Nightburnerz) new spoiler ? Matel spoiler i love matel than Rubber can make keychain now.....
  7. Phoenix

    Ferrari 575 GTC

    Yoooo, look like this casting is 1 of the hardest to find or No 1 interest on this model
  8. Phoenix

    Ferrari 575 GTC

    Bump. Anyone had the Basic card Red F575GTC?
  9. Any one had extra F575GTC to trade? Carded or loosed also can. Prefer Ferrari Racer car no.57(silver with red tempo) and the car no.575(black). Tell me what car you prefer or i will offer certain cars to trade. P.s. If you had the 2 Basic Red with wheel variant (loose or carded) or both 5 pack loosed (yellow or Blue), with trade with basic Nissan skyline thunt(carded). Update: Will trade with SM Evo(white) for FR Black no.575 or FR Silver with red tempo car no.57. 06 Nov 12 update, Looking for carded or loose. 1.) Basic Red 10spoke wheel variant 2.) Ferrari Racer 60 anni. car no.57(silver with red tempo)
  10. Here the pic... see 1 is higher than the other.
  11. Just noted recently, this Fairlady had 2 type of spolier, one is standard as higher type, and the other is lower type which only recently show. I notice this lower spoiler on someone photo, only recently Z with color of white, yellow and silver had this 2 variant. My question is.....is error or is consider valid variant for this Z.....
  12. jason5364, thanks....btw, the shop is near which part of curve?
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