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  1. Hi bro , just pm me a fair offer, thks
  2. sorry guys fell sick last 2 days, pm replied, thks
  3. Update with more stuffs, JUST PM ME YOUR OFFER, will reply asap, thanks.
  4. guyy

    my pg haul!

    congrats on the haul, the T2 already available locally?!
  5. hey bro whatever ur interest in do pm me your offer, thanks.
  6. hi all thanks for the offer, and my apologies on the slowness in responding, guess its been a while maybe rusted a bit, anyway G6 offer closed the others non reserved still available. thks.
  7. hi the1uncle have already received multiple offer for '69 mustang so it wouldnt be fair to pm u the price, if interested just pm me your reasonable offer, if more than one offer the same amount the first gets priority. will confirm by Wednesday. thanks for looking.
  8. speechless.. well, the value is in the eye of collector (in this case seller )
  9. guyy

    GT Mid April Haul

    wow those are left overs? miss those 7Es hunting days... congrats anyway.
  10. hi all, my apologies for the late reply, most pm answered, one or two wasnt replied because theres more than one offer, the highest offer will be confirm by this Wednesday. thanks..
  11. wow its been a while.. threads bz wit activity, pls add me in on the fun thanks..
  12. wow cool stuff.. thanks for sharing
  13. yes i think joon's probably good at redesigning car... not only he can 'trash' car for customization, he can 'trash' you in track races too.. you've been warned... hehehe anyway congrats on your cool haul and trade from fellow collectors.
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