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  1. Cantik but model TAK no luck on lucky draw....hehe
  2. Atom....gambar saya model for the lucky draw prizes mana? Hehe
  3. Great custom! Very very nice & it's owned by an alfisti now.......cheers!
  4. Sorry , never log in lately, all pm sent ! Tq
  5. guys, the case on sale now..... /t5849-hw-or-mbx-acrylic-case-for-sale
  6. Hw acrylic display for sale ! the pix only 5 row, the actual is 8 row , each row fit 12 hw or mbx ina row whole case fit around 96 cars! Case come with front cover Pls contact or pm me if interested 0123354970
  7. Hello all, Just wonder anyone still interested in this trip? or else, i have to cancell the trip, the indonesia hw collectors still waiting for my answer? tq
  8. Still haven't work out the cost, I will chk out & let's u guys knw the cost asap! There one more for hw carded insert, I rejected , maybe ready nect few day ready! My production guy bz other work!
  9. the bmw 5 series police car is nice....
  10. Here's the case ready ! wonder the background need white color? or just let as it is , transparent? any comment? anyone interested?
  11. This is one of my fav.future sport car last time, still remember I like to use this ford on need for speed ps2 game!
  12. 1.43 & only rm12.99.....the most reasonable buy
  13. ActHappy my biz is event set up, so a lot of wood & acrylic work to but wanted to do dam long but no time! Hope this time the work will finisho
  14. coming soon fr my ware house, my workers a bit busy ,so not complete yet....will post again when it's ready! 5 roll with 10 cars a roll....
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