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  1. Last night Gathering was awesome.! [img][/img] What a crowd... Some unveiling going on, wonder what it is...? Ah, it's Shakz with his Knight Rider KITT..! But soon after I was blocked by Shakz bodyguard, Desmond to protect him against paparazi, LOL..
  2. Awesome meet at Citta Yesterday..! Nice to meet Kuih-tiow, Mushroom, matbear, Hassan and the rest of the guys.....
  3. Panas sangat, but they already solve the flammable engine insulation in the 458 Italia if not mistaken, something have to do with it sitting too close to the hot engine.
  4. Yesterday met Limsy at Giant Kelana Jaya, wow, managed to get the A-Team van from him....! thanks for the help...!
  5. Very good insight from vavavoom.. Just to add one more thing, most people thought it's a huge investment, in reality, they are tough to sell nowadays because toys these days are not like the ones in 70's or 80's, those kind of toys were played with and when those kids grew up, they start looking back for their old childhood toys that brings back memories and are nostalgic. This is what brings value plus due to some errors or limited/out of production products. Toys nowadays are available for the masses, what ever you have, another person has it, so it doesn't hold that kind of "value" anymore, mass produced items plus the so called "limited" edition, we can't really tell do we? are they really2 that rare?, I always feel if I can get this piece, for sure someone else will. That's just my opinion. For me same point with vavavoom, I always collect what I like, but sometimes I do get caught in on the buzz, due to weak will power
  6. Kasik racun sama orang, hehehehe
  7. S*** betul, officemates dapat tahu aku collect hot wheels, kecoh plak, "Eh, aku dengar ko beli apa, Top Wheels?" aku cakap, "Hot Wheels..". "Laa pergi Miri jauh2 beli Hot Wheels, blah...blah...umur ko dah berapa..!" Giler berapi dengar, dulu time intern satu office, satu kepala.! Gundams, Schuco, Maisto, Hot Wheels siap sembang2 pergi kedai Uncle Chia pun sekali, missed those days..! **Reminder from moderator: Please do not use vulgar words
  8. RM15 just buy one no need to spend so much, consider it like "Speed Machines" or "Color Shifters".
  9. ini camera phone lens ko kena lap dulu bro, aku punya pun kadang2 ade minyak + cap jari.
  10. hey guys remember don't FORGET next time....!
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