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  1. 1.HW Drag Bus - Offer Me.. 1ST REASONABLE OFFER WIN.. TQ 2nd LOT 1. HWC Series 6 - Spectraflame Orange 2. HWC Series 2 - Flying Customs #1 of 4 3rd LOT 1. Liberty Promotions for Penske Auto Center (Red) 2. Liberty Promotions for Penske Auto Center (Black) 4th Lot 1. Liberty Promotions for Jiffy Lube 2. Hotwheels VW Drag Bus (Mace) 3. Malleco Tower Cranes Promotion 5th LOT 1. Thunderbirds 2. Navy Seals 3. US Army Parachute Team 2. HW Nissan GTR - Offer Me (First reasonable offer win) 3. HW Nissan Skyline R34- SOLD 4. Loose THunt$ n Thunt - Offer Me (First reasonable offer win) SILA OFFER HARGA ANDA mengikut LOT yg telah ditetapkan... Thanks for viewing..
  2. sell individual. good loose condition. x penah beraksi di PALL MALL Action Gear. prefer cod @ Gathering Putrajaya / Amcorp (pass to my fren). Pls PM me ur offer. 1st reasonable offer win. thanks.
  3. RG sudah jatuh cinta sama ini kamal.... err.. dlm fb ade org petik budak tu gua... hahaha!! silly..
  4. kene panggil guinness book of record... record rip n rape paling byk.. haha
  5. Mr. 8, wired already. tq. Reference number: 1579589958 Transaction date: 21 Dec 2011 Transaction time: 10:28:00
  6. Family comes first.. next time maybe.. xeifu paling cute dlm nih.. haha
  7. selamat ari lahir yg ke 25 MNasir!! kit kat mau?
  8. Ashraf sinclair??? hahaa... ade skit rupa la..
  9. bear: hehe.. wlsm.. dropotoro tuh ade.. aku rase yg cakap tu sweet rod tuh... wildspirit: ko la yg paling best dlm ramai2 kawan2.. sbb ko teka umo aku paling tepat.. hahaha!!!!
  10. zephy, sahama, chah, ckh : thanks alot... Hassan: amin! haha.. ko nk raok aku beetle ke? hehe
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