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  1. Where is this at? oh ! @ x tra fair price jurong point ! Thanks bro!
  2. I should have picked up the vw beetle, now i want it badly. Nice huls bro!
  3. I like the school bus! Nice find bro!
  4. jl4me

    Recent small haul

    Great hauls limsy!
  5. The cards are amazing! I'm defenitely getting this.
  6. Nice stangs! I hope to see them here in Singapore.
  7. jl4me

    Today Haul

    Simply amazing!
  8. Nice collection os speed machine! Congrats in completing it bro.
  9. Those are great finds!
  10. Awesome diorama! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Username : jl4me Real Name (*optional) : Keithley Favorite HW designer : n/a Age (*optional) : 36 Collecting since : 1995 Favorite castings : Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, VW Drag Bus, VW Beetle Range of collection : n/a Other Collections : Johnny Lightning
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