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  1. Stulio

    BMW 2002 ?

    The '2002' is a reference to the engine displacement and number of doors on the model - the car had a 2.0L engine in it, producing 1990 cc (rounded up to 2000), and features 2 doors - thus 2002.
  2. Wow, a very high quality and detailed custom. Congrats on a really good job! I like it a lot.
  3. My first: '69 Chevelle SS 396 - 2008 New Models (Metallic Mustard colour)
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately, here in the UK it's hard enough to find mainlines, let along super treasures and special cars with real riders so I was kinda hoping there would be a source of (relatively cheap) real rider spares! Oh well.
  5. Hi all, I'm just starting to get interested in the customising scene and was just wondering... Where do you guys get your Real Riders Wheels from for the customs? Do you manage to get hold of spare parts or is it a case of literally salvaging them off of other models you don't like as much? Thanks, Stu
  6. It's an example of the new regular treasure hunts. Each TH will sport the little circle symbol on the model somewhere, as can be seen just above and in front of the back wheel on the Bread Box pictured.
  7. I'm thinking a convertible/no roof version would just look plain weird but you never know! Is a bit lazy of them not to put in an interior though - I guess they thought people wouldn't notice/care with the windows being so small, although a lot of the other 'tooned' vehicles have had full interiors.
  8. Definitely empty. Just held mine in front of high output fluorescent lights (on my fish tank ) and there's nothing else in there but the yellow tinted window plastic.
  9. Username : Stulio Real Name : Stuart Keeler Favourite HW designer : Jun Imai Age : 30 Collecting since : 2009 Favourite castings : 2011 $uper Treasure 1971 Buick Riviera Range of collection : Muscle Cars, JDM, TV/Film specials, + more! Other Collections : Carnivorous Plants
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