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  1. Any one here a fan of Disney Motorcity?
  2. Thx guys. Yes LSK, when I come home I was thinking about maybe there was a T-Hunt in the box, but I was so overwhelmed with what I just found, and so much people passing by around me, so I just make a quick choice, but not look through all of it one by one, I regret that . by the way is there always be a T-hunt in every case?
  3. I'm looking for (Carded): Kitt Time Machine Ecto 1 AE86 Japanese model (Mitsubishi,Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mazda) I have(carded): Flintmobile(TRADED) Mystery Machine Angry Bird Minion Baja Bone Shaker VW Golf GTI Lamborghini Estoque BMW M3 PM me if you interested to trade or buy, if you have other model also can be consider. edit: Successfully trade Flintmobile for Time Machine, thanks to simonggsh
  4. I dont know if this is highly sought or not, but this is Spotted at Giant Puchong Super Van '57 Chevy 66 shelby VW Bug only rm12.99
  5. Today I'm at Giant Puchong, just to see what stock hanging at the pegs. Not much , but they sell rm6.99, buy 2 free 1 (guess to much old stock i think) so I took 6 car=4 purchase+2 free right? wrong, they charge all 6, what? So I went to the customer counter, and ask for refund, but the staff lady said, the free ones to be collect at the customer service counter. Now the best part. So she took a basket of HW cars, I thought maybe some more regulars, but not. There was 5 HW that is hard for me to resist. Later she bring me a box , HA label case, can you imagine? freshly open box, for me to explore, just imagine the rush. so finally in total, there was about 12+? HW that I have selected, but I can only take 3 , oh the delima. I then ask the lady, can I buy all of it? at first she reluctant to, but then she ask someone, that I can buy it if I bought the same quantity in the store (minus the free ones) and exchange it at the counter. So I did! here what I got in total today. one of the Subaru are broken, I'm going to return it to Giant to ask for exchange, unless anyone interested to buy this from me, you may PM me. the staff is utterly patient with my request, great service at Giant Puchong. Can't stop laughing in my car on my way back home.
  6. Thanks everyone, will post more as I got many new ones today.
  7. Last week there was a promo at newly open Tesco Bukit Puchong, buy 1 free 1. I have been looking at HW cars at a distance since my brother told me that there are special rare HW car if you look carefully, so when I saw this promotion, I bought 6 just to feed my curiosity and have been thinking of collecting HW car since then. My latest collection is Batmobile, got it at Midvalley AEON today.
  8. Username : zargus Real Name (*optional) : - Favorite HW designer : Don't care, as long as I love the car Age (*optional) : 13 at heart Collecting since : last week Favorite castings : not decided yet Range of collection :Sports, JDM, Popculture, and anything I recognized Other Collections : Macross:1, Lego:2, BoBoiBoy action figures and trading card.
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