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  1. Sorry guys, i'm not looking for AE 86 any more, but if you have any new wave item, you can make an offer.
  2. Small haul of awesomeness, thanks for viewing guys
  3. Like those Exotic rides and Porsche
  4. You are lucky, I just found this today
  5. Thanks samace, sinclair, hwcars, and loke this is what i found today, stil yet to find the Star Trek Spaceship stil lots of great stuff left at Alamanda today
  6. Thanks guys, more of my pass months hauls Japanese Porsche Aston Martin Mustang Ferrari, I just relize I got a treasure hunt for the first time, wow Lamborghini Cadillac VW Corvette Lotus Ford BMW MIX I love the remake of Hot Wheels #1 race Team Van release
  7. I like that skeleton rider, great finding Sinclair
  8. Thanks guys, got more to be share, spot the difference!
  9. Since all this was so hard to find, or maybe I'm outa luck, I finally decide to make my most expensive Hotwheels purchase ever. Going slow after this.
  10. Yes, I think they have no 'insider' or no 'reserve' item policy between the staff. Also the sticker is not easy to remove, it tend to brake when being peel off, same like the roadtax sticker. Only this way can newbie like me get such hot models...and luck.
  11. Thanks samace22, hwcars, sinclair and ford262728
  12. Looking for: Carded AE86 any Carded 2013 HW hot item Trade with: Skyline GTR R34 Others to be trade with Mars Rover Curiosity. More to trade here
  13. All carded, PM for price , COD at Putrajaya or Puchong Bandar Puteri 1. Angry Bird Set, Red and Minion 2. Aston Martin DBS White 3. Subaru WRX STI 4. 92 BMW M3 5. Volkswagen Golf GTI 6. Volkswagen Baja Beetle 2008 7. BMW M3 Black 8. Batmobile Classic 9. Batmobile Live 10. Baja Bone Shaker
  14. When my house got no water, i'm going hunting, Camaro brothers Sporties Oddness Lux the Gem more Lux, Sportie and Gem are left in the box at you know where
  15. To bad for me, I went for exchange, but there where no cars that really valuable for me to exchange, so I decide to keep it.
  16. zargus

    False T-hunt

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge
  17. Spotted at Aeon Equine Park last Saturday Mazda Furai too.
  18. zargus

    False T-hunt

    Also, I saw many of this Combat Medic Swat on the pegs. Is the flame circle really a t-hunt? because no one was chasing over it.
  19. I found this model today at a supermarket , called Symbolic, I noticed the flame logo woah, is it a t-hunt? not really, its a 2009 production, but the flame logo can be intimidating if you have it in your collection, What you guys think?
  20. zargus

    Disney Motorcity

    I don't think they have any toys yet, but if they have, and its by Hotwheels , I will be the one to grab it first
  21. The body color change when shine with ultra violet light. Shine through the stencil, and the body will be stamp with it. The stamp disappear after 1 or 2 minute.
  22. Condition as below, PM for price, COD at Putrajaya
  23. Yes, I bought it, an opened package. Light speeders are not cheap, after going back and forth making imaginary court session in my mind, is it worth to buy?, the verdict are , to BUY! Why even they sell an open package? My guess is , someone stole it, play around with it, and got caught. The store manager then said, its Subaru Impreza, probably someone will eventually bought it. So here it is. Opened blister Subaru Impreza Light Speeders that I bought no value keeping it inside the blister, lets play the stencil the fun part, 7 !! metal base
  24. zargus

    Disney Motorcity

    Err its available at Astro channel 617...you have Astro dont you?
  25. If you guys like Shelby and Mustang I saw a lot of it at newly open Tesco AmanPutra near Puchong today, the Pegs are full of it.
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