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  1. so...does the light in front actually goes back and forth ?
  2. Is this series available in spore ? Hk ?
  3. where can i get these series anyways ?
  4. Lol....thanks to all that replied! will definitely try to join gathering soon
  5. Is Malaysia really faster ? i have been hunting at so many locations but only can see the '07 Chevy Tahoe (Rescue) on the pegs! list of locations that i have been to 1) Jusco 1utama 2) TRU 1 utama 3) Parkson 1utama 4) Metro curve 5) mph curve 6) mph 1utama 7) aeon big tropicana mall aeon big kepong man......
  6. so far i only managed to get colour shifters metallics, glow in the dark and water revealers. old series i know but i just started the hobby
  7. colour shifters - X RAY !? is this a new series ? i havent seen this one before
  8. damn...so fast sold out for Msian members !?
  9. Username : carpathia Real Name (*optional) : Michael Favorite HW designer : er...still new to this hobby Age (*optional) : 38 Collecting since : 2013 Favorite castings : still looking Range of collection : anything that suits my fancy Other Collections : Matchbox, Bandai Medicom Kamen Rider, Gunpla Hello everyone!
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