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  2. Sorry been sick. Well hopefully rain comes and relieves them soon 😞
  3. New Roleplays popping up check us out!
  4. I have some new reports and Youtube vidoes.
  5. It's very possible :( Are you keeping track of species information there?
  6. I am afraid that the fires will start the extinction process for some endangered species in Australia.
  7. Yes its sad. Its a huge loss. Plants, animals... entire eco systems. It effects everyone. Here it took well over a year before I saw bees and I plant to accomodate pollinators.
  8. I feel sad for the wildlife. Yes, I am also sad for human loses, but the wildlife is being hit the hardest.
  9. Having been through many fires myself, thats rough down there.
  10. What do you feel about the fires in Australia?
  11. I've been in the Midwest, it is hot. We have all kinds of weather here too, but not so much humidity. I'm happy about that.
  12. Almost every type of weather condition is experienced in Texas.
  13. Our summers here in the midwest are brutal! We typically get barely spring and fall like temperatures here, it usually goes from Winter to a day or so of Spring like weather, then it gets really hot and humid during the summertime. Then we usually get maybe a week or so of fall like weather, then it's freezing again. xD
  14. Well in Autumn its always over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Thats mid summer. I guess we just have a mutant winter 😂
  15. An Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in autumn in Northern America and other temperate regions of the world during late September to November.
  16. Nope. We are up North. We get 2-4 weeks of warm weather mid winter every year. It even hit 82! Its hard on out fruit trees. They want to bloom, then they freeze again.
  17. That's always a little bonus lol a bit more time away from work. Stay safe! Also welcome to the chat! 😍😎 Ours is cold at night, warm in the day, or windy and cold. We get odd weather mid winter. They call it an Indian Summer, whatever that means lol. But soon everything will freeze again. Hows life? 😁
  18. It's been above freezing here. The sun popped out a few times too. We got some nasty freezing rain on Wednesday though. The road conditions were bad, so we got to leave work early. :)
  19. How is the weather? Here it is cold one day and the next it is warm. Also it has been rainy lately.
  20. Does anyone have a little love to send our way, pretty please?
  21. Please do not spam my threads. This is a discussion forum for Q&A about the website. Not an advertising thread.
  22. Hey folks, anyone willing to help support our friendly game site, each time we get a vote it bumps us higher to be seen by interested parties. Thank you so much to anyone lending us a little love 😘 https://www.toprpsites.com/index.php?a=in&u=LegendsCAN
  23. Goal is to count to 100 OR 0! Rules: 🕺Boys count up too 100 💃Girls count down 0 (If you are neither, choose 1 side (up or down)and stay on it) You cannot post twice in a row, someone else has to take a turn before you post again. Game resets when either team wins, resets to 50 Have fun y'all😘 Game start! 50
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