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OVERDOSED of 'D' Case in Klang Valley

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Remember the time when all a sudden there were so many cases of Th Qombee and Bad Bagger?
Somehow I foreseen this is just a another situation of too many too much of same hw 'D' case
filling up the Klang Valley.

Imagine if a you keep feeding a child porridge non-stop, sooner or later the child will vomit.
Isn't this is such a simple common sense?

From mid November till early December:
TRU "D case"
Isetan "D case"
Metro Jaya "D case"
Aeon "D case"
and recently at C4 "D case"
Perhaps the only hypermarket Giant is getting mixed cases.

These are all huge retailers in Klang Valley. If our big sister 'Mat-tal' do not see this overdosing
situation, we will have a problem.

Who's gonna buy the left overs? Certainly not hw collectors as mostly only seek what's hyped.
I, for sure is one of them because why do need so much of 'Focus', right?
When the retailers are filled with left overs, do you think they will order anymore?
Remember Boulevard 2011 series hanging over at aeon and still hanging even though there's 50% off.
And like a child we will vomit out.
Next thing we knew, we have to wait months for the next batch of hw box or cases.
It happened before.

From "Where are they?" to "Oh, there it is again!"

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mortfish wrote:
U got that right bro. I think it's overflowing already.

Can you imagine how long it's gonna take these D cases to clear in the market?

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Still got stock everywhere?? I thought I'd missed this wave already...

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Yeap, D case is overflowing. My last sight-seeing, the peg is full with D case on peg, 2 open boxes of D case (all the nice stuff gone) on top shelves waiting to refill peg, and 1 E case O.o. Not sure if my eyes are correct, I forgot to snap pictures. The point is, I have to wait now for all the hw to be bought by........some happy kids with their parents perhaps before new wave.

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Forget it...as most of the veterans have stated (onlie and offline), it is now reaching critical mass..

I think the brand owner dont care much if it is stuffed to the brim with peg warmers. So long as retailers ordered them, the cash will be flowing in....pegs situation be damned.

Not long now till most will turn to enterprising collectors/traders for the good stuff from yester years or us-only...

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