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ken s

Air Ambulance E-Petition

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Hi Guys
I do hope you will indulge me but I have a favour to ask of you ALL. Last August I was at a bikers rally (Vosa Rejects)run by a club I belong to Yorkshire Trikers it was in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Whilst there I was talking to one of the fund raisers for the Air Ambulance and in conversation he said "Of course a big chunk of what we collect will be given back to the Government" I did not realise that because the Air Ambulance is fully funded by charitable donations and they do not charge for their services they have to pay VAT as the so called end user. I researched it for a few months and in Feb I started an E Petition to Return VAT on Air Ambulance charity fuel bills. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29349
I have reached the required 100,000 signatures to be allowed to ask an MP to request a debate in the House of Commons but I had set myself a personal goal of getting an additional 50,000 signatures to show the Government and the MP's the strength of feeling amongst the general public. At the present moment in time we need just over 500 more people to sign the petition to reach this goal and I was hoping that if you have not already do so you would sign it for me please? It would also be of great help if you could post it up on any other forums and web sites you frequent. We do now have a date for the debate its the 5th of July so we do not have very long to get the additional 500 signatures, any help you can give will be very much appreciated. thumbs
Ken S

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