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  1. Most through adds in Motorcycle press, up to 2002 when I bought a bandit off of a mate that got banned. Then got a pay out for a hit and run so bought a new bandit on line from a dealer down south. In 2007 was looking for a Ltd addition Busa but every one I chased was already sold.Went into my local Suzuki dealer who I never use as it was one of his employees that hit me in the hit and run and there was this White Ltd addition Busa, asked if it was sold and was told someone was coming it to look at it but they had not put a deposit on it so I said phone him and tell him not to bother and after a bit on negotiating on part ex and prices I bought it.Had it for almost 3 years but because of a shoulder / arm injury (at work) I found Iwas riding the wife's trike (Ebay unfinished projecta Honda Magna 750 cruiser) more than the Busa because of the riding position so I bought a V Star 1100 from an importer in the North West.
  2. ken s


    Hi Tony welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your time in here.
  3. ken s


    Welcome to the forum, sounds like you have a bit of work to be getting on with, if you get stuck with your engine swap I am sure someone on here will be able to point you in the right direction.
  4. ken s

    Hi Folks``

    Hi Steve welcome in, I don't own a trike but I have to fix the wife's when she brakes it. She rides a Honda Magna 750 trike. and we ride and rally with the Yorkshire trikers so I have a few mates with trikes.
  5. ken s

    Newbie alert...

    Hi and welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your time in here with us.
  6. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day.
  7. To save you looking for it this is the link http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/council/have_your_say/Petitions/details/default.asp?PetitionID=197
  8. I phoned the administrators yesterday (Moorfields)as we have so vouchers as a raffel prize for the Vosa Rejects Rally (To be held in August)and was told that although the could not confirm it as they had only been appointed the day before they expected them to be trading for the next month but asked me to get back to them latter next week. I think all the shops are run on a manager franchise basis most that I have had dealings with over the years have anyway. So may be some may start up as independent traders.
  9. Problem is when you change or add anything they will try and charge you an admin fee, but if you don't and make a claim they will try not to pay out. I was told (But not sure) that if you change the paint job its supposed to be an upgrade???? and of course an admin fee is payable.
  10. ken s

    Hey all!

    Hi Dave welcome to the forum hope you find someone on here to ride with. Enjoy your new bike.
  11. Sorry mate still unable to ride the bike would have loved to ride over to Whitby with you, great ride via Helmsley. Hope you have a great day and enjoy the ride looks like the weather is going to be good for you.
  12. Happy Birthday hope you had a great day.Better late than never I suppose
  13. Its a pain when work get in the way of enjoying yourself mate especially on your birthday.
  14. ken s


    Hi Welcome in hope you enjoy your time in here with us.
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