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  1. Well done Mel, fantastic achievement. Always knew where the brains were between you two lol.
  2. Jontiger


    Hi mate, im Leicestershire too welcome to the world of biking. Dont suppose you have a 50cc for sale lol, after one for my lad lol
  3. Ill meet at yours too Dave, if thats ok Really looking forward to this just 3 weeks now
  4. Davehutch & mel smilinjack (rideout only) Dick Grumpyowl (rideout only Mark. Mike (Gravelrash) Oldfart (Den) Camp and rideout Tabzy (james) Banditmike (camping & rideout) Skelly (camping & rideout) Yammy (Camping & rideout] Jontiger (camping and rideout)
  5. Auto elecs are my trade mate been doing it for 28 years so will give you a hand
  6. Me Dave and Dennis are looking at riding up to the Monyash tearooms tomorrow for breakfast, anyone else fancy tagging along?
  7. Why not somewhere central, so those down souf can make it easier?. Maybe Lincolnshire even skegness? Plenty of guest houses there
  8. So tent bought, that means im in. Was looking at camping stoves, do i need one or is there anywhere on site to buy breakfast. Still might take a stove for a brew
  9. The book Vulcan 607 is fantastic too,real good read
  10. I will always ride over with you jon That sounds like a plan dave, and a good excuse for a ride, Is nitrogen still ok with tubed tyres Stue?
  11. Considering buying some of these, anyone got any experience of them or recommendations Cheers http://www.tyrepressuremonitors.com/index2.htm
  12. Backing you and behind you all the way mate and if you ever need a chat you know where i am. Im trying the health thing this year too been dieting since the new year and lost 2 stones already, but then i am a fat boy and got loads to lose, my starting goal is to be below 20 stone by xmas this year currently am just under 31 st. Me poor old tiger must think theres 3up but i will get there with the support of my wonderful wife as you will with yours Chin up and take one step at a time
  13. I caught it but think it slipped right past the old fogies attention (not looking at anyone with a huge topbox )
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