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  1. have we got dates for this stan , m8 ,. as im away 1st week august with the northern lads,
  2. madcarper...........(((.Me and a couple of m8's are meeting at the birtley services one ,anyone else going will probably have a little ride up kielder after}}} meeting a few buds at washington , m8 ,,,,,
  3. Just wanted to wish all who are going on the rideout this weekend A SAFE and a great weekend enjoy it i wish i was coming ,
  4. quality is spot on ,m8 ,. soundsa bit mmmm but i have to say i got sea sick watching it , with it been on the helmet ,,,,
  5. Happy Birthday , have a good one,
  6. Used the car version for years have to say they really are a superb bit of kit ,,,
  7. Army for a number of years (12) came out and did shotblasting /painting for about 4 yrs then worked at volvo then hyundai now im a full time carer for the wife. 24/7,
  8. Anyone going soon or been never ventured mysen but thinking of it , im not one for big crouds but willing if theres a friendly face to go with ..
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