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THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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I just felt the need to thank ALL OF the Interpreters here on this board for all of the ministry that you provide here for all of us dreamers. I'm sitting here amazed at how God uses each of you to interpret our dreams and answer our questions.

My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude right now because I NEVER thought a place like this existed until a month ago. I have dreamed since I was a little girl and now that I am at the awesome age of 41, God SOMEHOW led me to all of you to get some (okay, A LOT) of my questions answered.

Words cannot express how I feel right now...Mia, thank you for allowing God to use you to create such a wonderful forum for us to be able to come and understand what "thus saith the Lord". To all the interpreters (I won't name you individually with the fear of leaving out someone), may God CONTINUE to bless you overabundantly for your time, prayers and faithfulness to all of us here.

Blessings from the Inquisitive Dreamer...:giggle:


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