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My 1st Pastor, back in the late eighties early ninieties, Prophecide that there was going to be a moral decay in Colleges and Schools because the children that grew up in the 60' early 70's hated Authority. And they were going to be the ones educating our children. God is Authority and they don't want to answer to anyone. These that where already young adult in these times went one to be College professors and Teachers to change the world.. And question all authority, and slowly but surely they are infiltrating the minds of our youth who most don't have any knowledge of God, those are the easy targets, but it is the ones who's parents have raised in the Lord that satan is after and yes he is using the Professors and Teachers of this day.. It makes me very sad. I have heard many cases like this only they were as tragic.
Yes we must pray for young adults in Colleges and Schools. Much Love in Jesus, Lori

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