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  1. We had fun to Toi, and Connie any time, I will chat with you...
  2. iamfree42 I agree with Connie. I would like to add. That I can relate to you. I was given an assignment by the Lord to use my gifts and I did it, it was prematurly taken away. However I know the Lord allowed it. I had to die to it for a season. The Lord used that time to refine it and me and to mature me and my gifting even more. I cried a thousand tears and I felt like hope defered made the heart sick, as you discribe. The Lord gave you that gift for Him, girl use it when no one is looking and Bless God with it first and formost just you and Him.... And as Connie said, build others up and encourage them in their gift and the Lord will honor you what you give, will be given back unto you. There is a good book called, "Pain, preplexity and promotion. Consider reading it, it will help you. Bless you dear one and hold on! God always perfects that which He has begun in us! Amen? Agape, Lori
  3. Connie that was beautifuly done! I don't think I have ever read anything on Angles that I liked as much as this! Thanks for giving of yourself and answering butterflys question. Butterfly, thanks for asking... God is soooo good to us.. Blessings, Lori
  4. :christmasbulbs I just wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and to say how much I have enjoyed all of you! Also wanted to say thank you for letting me share the insights that I have had on your dreams. Unfortuantly I have only had one dream in 3 months that I can remember. So very quiet for me. May the Lord Bless each and everyone of you. May your homes be filled with the love of Christ and your cupboards full of bounty. Lord bless all of them with every spiritual blessing and over flow of your Holy Spirit. May they grow in faith, strength, ministries, visions, and your love. Lord thank you, that your mercy and kindness follow them all the days of ther lives... In Jesus Name. Amen. Love in Jesus, Lori
  5. Hi Angelwingz, I am so sorry to hear this report. But you are right the Dr's are not God. I am also sorry you and your mom are going through this and I will pray for you both.. or all.. I am so glad to hear of your strength when you say you will not let go, give up nor give in. Amen!! We stand with you! Hevenly Father I come before you on behalf of Carol and ask Lord that you break the asignment of death over her body, Lord she experianced the attack. Lord I ask that no weapon formed against her will prosper. Lord I ask you heal and restore her body. Give this scripture to your mom, tell her to meditate on it and to repeat it as often as she can, as I know it is a faith builder...and know our physcial bodies respond to the WORD, Jesus is the WORD and he was sent to heal us.. I will be praying for you.. Psl. 103: 1-6 Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name, bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all of his benefits who forgives all my sins and who heals all my diseases who redeemes my life from destruction who crowns me with lovingkindness and compassion, who satisfies my desires with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagles..
  6. How wonderful! Have a blessed time with our Lord!! Love in Jesus, Lori.
  7. Cholette, Good idea! I don't know what a Cyber-Baby shower would look either but sure sounds fun!! It does sound good!! Maybe we can figure it out? Lori
  8. Praise God!! Daph, your pregnant!! Congratulations. Wow, you have a lot going on right now. Will defenitly keep your cousin and your whole situation in prayer. God is good all the time....
  9. Cholette, Beautiful Encouragment!!! I would like to add to your comment about only being able to groan. I went through a few months of extreme heaviness and all I could do was groan and say Lord I need you... I remembered a scripture that says He even hears our sigh's. Oh my, when we sigh! I had some heavy sigh's during that time, and I am convinced He knew what each sigh meant and what my mouth could not utter. Renewed, The Lord hears every sigh, and every hearts cry. He knows every thought before it is formed and He is working on your behalf. He will turn everything that is meant for you and your family's harm for the good.. Meditate on the things Cholette has said and remember that He hears your sigh's those are prayers when words are to much for us... God Bless you... Lori
  10. I have something else I would like to add. Blessed is the Nations who's God is the Lord. If we want God to continue to Bless this nation then we must vote in men or women how bring and uphold His laws first in there hearts and then in the government. Leaders who are not updholding God's laws are just like Saul. The Lord new USA would vote for Barak becasue of the condition of our society and the lawlessness. Not to meantion those in the Church who are not clear on the diffrence between War and abortion. War has been a part of the History of all nations starting with Isreal, The Lord to them to go into battle to posses their land. War also keeps people like Hitler from taking over and murdering innocent people. War that takes down men like that, is truly justice for perserving many. Abortion however takes a life out of selfishness and not wanting to be inconvienced. Then we have the Judges in this country that are making there own laws when their job is to uphold the law and make sure justice is given. That should not be... When they do that they are breaking the law themselves. I could go on and on. But I won't. I say all of this in love and I mean no disrespect to anyone..
  11. I truly believe that God gives us the choice of who USA wanted to be president. I don't believe God choose Barak, USA did. Just like in the old testament the people wanted a King and kept asking God for one and He gave them Saul. Saul was not after the intrest of God he was after his own intrest. So america spoke and voted this man to be our president. I truly believe the church needs wake up too. I beleive all of the hard work of trying to get laws changed to protect the unborn is now being foreced backwards and we just lost a lot of ground. Even in the arena of Marriage, we just lost a lot of ground. So now more then ever we need to pray for God to intervien and bring along side of our new president people who truly believe in God's laws. To much lawlessness in our government already we did not need an extreme liberal to be our President... O God we need you. Yes, we need to pray for him and pray protection over him, but we also need to pray he sees the light...
  12. Lord be glorified!! Amen for complete and total healing...
  13. Mia, I am so happy for you!!! I love when the Lord hears even our hearts cry, when words fail us... I rejoice with you about the finances from you parents and also that he signed with Love... How beautifullllll.... Thank you! Havenly Father you are sooooo good!!!! So Faithful, and so on time.......... Love in Jesus, Lori.
  14. Father in Jesus, I come against the spirit of sickness and disease in the Name of Jesus. Father you sent your Word and healed us. Lord I am asking you to send your word to angelwingz Mom right now and heal her. Lord we look to you for a good report, the report of the Lord that says she is healed by the stripes of Jesus! Sickness and disease you have to go! We do not believe your report. We will believe in the report of the Lord, She is Healed... Angelwings, may the peace that passes all understanding guard your heart and mind. May you be comforted by the comfort of the Holy spirit and by the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us, and who took stripes on his back for healing, your mom's healing. Much love dear one... :bighug:
  15. Heavenly Father, I lift up my sister Jeanie, Lorid I ask you to heal her. Lord I ask that all the ill effects of this medicine be rendered powerless. Father, you said in your word if we drink deadly poision it will not harm us. Lord med's can sometimes be poision to our systems. I claim that word for Jeanie. Father I ask you to bless her with total healing in her back. Nothing is impossible for you God! You are great and greatly to be Praised!! Father you are her provider and I ask that you as her Papa to provide every need. The selling of her van, and all financial needs she may have. I plead the Blood of Jesue over her and your divine protection. Lord she is loved by you and us. Reach out and touch her in a tangible way. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen..
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