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  1. That is a awesome poem and i was blessed by it also, I too would like permission to copy and share this poem with others so that they may be blessed by this also. May God continue to give you revelations. Be blessed my sister in Christ!
  2. daughter: I wold like to say praise God and be faithful in that Job making the $100.00. I bless God i for your praise report. I am a witness to working a job and making a $100.00 a week and still not wanting for anything. my car broke down and sometimes i got a ride and sometimes i had to catch 3 buses. I stayed faithful and i praise my way through the whole ordeal. Now i own 2 cars and God blessed me with a job and increased my pay to $500.00 a week. I have gotten two other job since then and the one I'm in now is in mgmt. in corporate. Be faithful in the little and he will make you ruler over much. So God can do anything he will test you before he bless you. so get ready get ready get ready for your season of blessings . walk it out!!!!
  3. Toi

    Pray for Me

    :cute: God is doing it! Thank you Jesus and thank each person that lifted my family and I up in prayer. There is a hedge up. This is the devil trying to get in... :banghead: ,,rofl. No weapon formed against me can prosper Be blessed everyone
  4. God I pray that everything worked out for Tolos . I pray for the Washington DC I ask that you let Your light shine there and the Silver Spring MD are. In Jesus name I pray Amen
  5. Daphanie, When you feel like there is nothing left you can do...STAND! I will keep you in my prayers
  6. My Pastor told all of his leaders to pray for Israel yesterday at church. I touch and agree with you in the name of Jesus. God has the master plan and He is in control of everything. He does all things for a reason and allows certain things to happen for a reason. God will get the glory in the end and He is the Champion of this fight. Its a fixed fight.
  7. Lord i pray for Kimieluv right now that she and her family are set free in the name of Jesus. He who the Son sets free is free indeed! So God I believe by faith that this will manifest instantly. Glory to your name God. God i ask that you remove any hinderances and stumbling blocks that the enemy may have set for them. I plead the blood over them in the name of Jesus Breaking all strongholds and any bondage. I ask that you open her ears that she may hear your voice and your voice only and hear the plan you have set for her and directions from you oh god. I thank you in advance ! Your Servant, Toi
  8. :cute: i had fun thanks
  9. Do any any one use the chat box?
  10. Toi

    Pray for Me

    Thank you all for your prayers. Happy New Year!
  11. Toi

    Pray for Me

    Please keep my my family and I lifted in prayer as we are going through a transition right now, also pray especially for my daughter that she has a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. God is an awesome and I know he does all things for a reason. He has also revealed some things to me about people who are close around me and i would like for you all to pray for them for forgiveness of sins, peace, love, and restoration. Please pray for breaking of all soul ties and any plots or prayers against me or my family that are not of God thank you all . The prayers of the righteous availith much!
  12. i will be praying for your son
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