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  1. Father God, In the name of Jesus I come before you today in agreement with Michele. I absolutely refuse for the devil to try to put something upon Michele and I speak healings. I bind this calcification or anything else in the name of Jesus and I loose Your healing powers and strength. Michele is made whole according to Your word Father. Not mine, Michele's or anyone elses. But Your word, you said Your word does not return to you void. I believe that with all my heart. I declare healing, I declare strength in the name of Jesus. We are raising a standard against this and we refuse any report unless it is a good report. We are going to be able to look back and say, My God, look what God has done. Thank you Father for always hearing my prayers and for moving on them. I thank you on behalf of Michele and myself for being here tonight. Thank you Father for the opprotunity to pray with and for Michele. In the name of Jesus I pray amen.
  2. Have you been serving God long?
  3. FatherGod, In the name of Jesus we come before you in agreement with kimieluv. She has asked your children to pray for her and this new position that was opened to her. I ask you, Father, to grant wisdon, compassiona, understanding and knowledge in this new position. I ask that you guide her the way you want her to go and teach like no one has ever seen before. Father, cause a great passion in the minds of the students to learn from her and to get understanding in the courses that they take. Father, the days when it seems so hard for her I ask you to wrap her in your arms and send great love and comfort to her and all around her. I thank you Father for always hearing my prayers. In the name of Jesus, I pray Amen.
  4. In July 2008, I was outside hanging clothes, I began talking to God about I always ask for the things I need but this time I asked for something I wanted. A lady down the road had a pitbull pup that I wanted since he was 2 hrs old. He knew me from everyone else. He chose me....But as I stood there I asked God to open a door for me to get him, only if he would not turn on me and my kids and if he would be a good dog. Within three days God supplied the money to get him. On December 20, 2008, while I was at church, my dog was shot in my front yard, it went straight through him and out the other side of his rib cage without touching the ribs....I came home to find him in shock and ice cold, he was fighting to stay awake until I got to him....Anyway, the devil told me that Wrinkles was going to die, of course I got furiously enraged and stood up and alomost screamed I DON'T THINK SO. I went in to the living room where I had him, dropped down to my knees and anoited my dog........I read out of Eze....to stop blood flow....and I spoke life back into my dog. I declared that this pup was going to live regardless of what I was told. I had 5 in my house praying, and 5 more friends and my dad praying. Within three hours Wrinkles got up and wanted to play ball........I looked and the bullet holes were almost completely healed in that three hours.... That goes to show you what God will do for His children....He does care about what we care about and if we beleive in Him(God) he will perform right before your eyes. I have seen Him heal several animals of mine, kids, me, others......I will put more testimonies on here from time to time.......That's what builds our faith and strengthens us when we are weak....I hope this has uplifted everyone that reads it........God Bless... :PTL:
  5. As most of all of you know I requested prayer on here for my family, we have been needing some work since August. Well I put an ad in the local newspaper ( under a strong feeling to do so) and described what all I can do. Last night I get a call around 9pm. I had forgotten about putting it in the paper. Any way, a lady called me and she asked if I could sit privately with her mother over night. And said as soon as she read the ad she had to grab me up quickly( :yes: ) so she had to call me. Well I got the job today....it pays only $70.00 a week, however, they were talking about raising my pay to $100.00 weekly. All I have to do is go watch t.v. and talk to her mom until she wants to go to bed. That's it....make her a small breakfast....I have a lot of experience in the nursing field with cancer patient care.......about 5 yr cancer patient care.......and I have been praying for God to open up the doors for me....Now I have a very easy job, with a brand new $800.00 bed to sleep in and they told me I could even bring one of my kids up over night if I wanted too..... I think this is so wonderful.......God blessed me today and I wanted to share it with all of you..........................TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!!!! :PTL:
  6. BF, Here is a dynamic book to buy...It goes along with the Bible and it even gives you the scrptures. Understanding The Dreams You Dream by Ira Milligan You will love it
  7. I will stand in agreement with you on these matters.....
  8. I am going through seperation with my husband. This is a decision that I had to make in order for God to move in my life like I want Him too. However, I have recently found out about some of the activities that he has been doing and I am astonished by them. It didn't shock me, but it has floored me because he was supposed to be getting on track with God. I feel an empowerment since I made the choice of moving on but the devil is trying to bring loneliness upon me. Please be in much prayer for me and my children, also be in prayer for him to be delivered for the host of evil spirits residing in him. He needs deliverance and salvation. I don't want him to go to hell, I want him to get up and do things that would make him prosper. But I can't always have it my way.... I felt like putting this on here. Not only have me and my children been publicly humiliated, but so have some dear friends of mine. Please be much in prayer for us all.. Thank You, Daughter, Bobbie
  9. Father God, In the name of Jesus, I come humbly before you again today. Father, your word says by your stripes she is healed. No matter what she may see with her eyes, we know that you provided a way for her from this situation. Father, I earnestly come and lay Michele at your feet and I behind the devil and anything that tries to form against Michele and I loose healing, love, peace and joy. Father, you said that you know our needs before we ask, however, you want us to ask of you by confession of our mouths. I declare that all test results come back in perfect condition. I declare this problem will not come back up Michele. Father, I declare this victory, in the name of Jesus. Michele will be an overcomer of this thing. Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing my prayers. Thank you Father for Michele's healing, thank you Father for giving us the word to stand upon to claim what is rightfully ours. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen
  10. Father God, In the name of Jesus, I come boldly before you. Father, I ask that you put a protective hedge about this whole family. I rebuke the devil and the harm that he is trying to bring upon this home. Father, I know you have all things under control and I know that you hear us when we pray. Father, I ask that you move swiftly for them. She needs your guidance and she is seeking a word on the matter at hand. Father, I thank you now for what you are about to do for this family and for delivering this word to her. Thank you Father for answered prayers. Thank you for taking the time to hear my prayer and for moving for this family. In the name of Jesus I pray Amen!!!! :PTL:
  11. father God, As I sit in your presense tonight, I am very aware of a time when I had to stand over my mother, and with tears flying, I asked you to come get her because she had suffered enough on this old and lonely world. Father, you did just as I asked of you to do. Tonight Father, I am sitting before you with humbleness in my heart and I understand this situation all too well. Father, I am asking you with a heavy heart, for you to come get this lady. Take her home Father if she is ready to go, if not Father, I ask you to allow her to make things right with you before she does leave this earth. But either way, if right at this second or in the wee hours of the morning, I ask that you send your most best angel to collect her. Father, allow her to go in peace and allow all her children and grand children to feel peace about her going. I also lift up this family to you, Father, they will need to lean on you when the pain becomes to much to bear. Keep your hands upon them and guide them into the precious peace that only you can give to each person. I thank you Father, as always for hearing my prayers. Father, I ask You to let her slip away in a peaceful sleep..In the name of Jesus I pray,........Amen!!! RnestseekR, I speak peace upon your whole family, I know that you all have already had the chance to say good-bye, however, sometimes we don't realize when that final moment comes, there is a pain deep within our hearts that sets in. We begin to start thinking about all she did, what she said, how she smelled etc.......Before Wednesday, I expect her to go on home....Just remember this if you don't anything else....in these times The Lord will see you through and He will be there no matter what. The Holy Ghost will comfort you if all of you will allow him too. Sometimes, we don't realize we would rather hurt than be comforted. I know I did and wondered why He didn't comfort me...it was simply because I wouldn't let him. I will be praying much for your family, I know it will all be ok... Daughter of God, Bobbie
  12. I am asking for prayer for me and my family. There has been much going on over the past couple of weeks that I don't fully understand but I am learning each day. I need a lot of prayer right now through this transitional time in my life. I am coming to the recongition of some things and I am growing. I am glad that I am learning and growing. I know that as along as I am learning new things and growing in the Lord that I am moving forward. Thank You, Bobbie
  13. Tolos, I have to agree with Dove....If you will give it all to the Lord you will come out victoriously. He is our provider. He said, "I AM that I AM" so what do you have need of.....because He said He is___? If you need guidance He wil guide you, if you need healing, He will heal you.....I have a feeling you will be ok come Jan.... God Bless, Daughter Of God
  14. Connie, I absolutely love your scripture below your name. Trust in the Lord....with ALLyour heart....That scripture has encouraged me so many times.... I am so glad you have it and I got to read it once again....
  15. I can imagine you stand point, the reason I was asking, is when I was married to my first husband....my mom had an open relationship with him also, she even told him that I would change my mind when I really figured out that I missed him. The only problem with that is that I really didn't love him that way..... which caused some hard feelings toward her for a while. It took a year or so to come out of that because I felt like my mother had betrayed me. Sometimes, we step in the middle of things when we as parents shouldn't...not saying anything mean.....if she is doing good and on her feet, let's me know that she is happier without him. I had 2 very young children when my husband pulled the same junk on me, I found out I didn't need him because I made it on my own. But by leaving an open door for him, it has cause my son and daughter a lot of pain as they got older. He lies to them, he doesn't show up most of the time, he wants to take them around dope heads and drunks, they are constatnly cursing around the kids etc.....It seriously sounds like they are unequally yoked.......I would pray that God's will be done in this situation, whatever that maybe...I will be praying for your daughter and this whole situation with all of my heart and that is a promise to you Cristal....however, I hope that you understand I have not meant any disrespect in anyway toward you or your family... Father God, in the name of Jesus, I pray..Father, I ask you to interveine in this family. Father, I know how this looks but I am calling upon your solution to this situation. Father, I ask that you comfort Cristal through all of this.I speak peace upon her in the name of Jesus. Father, I ask you for your will be done in this marriage. I feel like there is something that lies when Cristal's daughter that hasn't came forth yet. Father, that is why I am bringing this family before you right now. Father, I ask that your arm be revealed in all of this and I humbly ask for eyes to be opened, hearts to be healed, peace to remain in all of their hearts. I rely Father upon your word, and now I am asking you for Your word on this matter. Father, I now leave it in your hands and I fully know and believe you will be moving in all of these people's lives. I thank you, Father for always hearing my prayers, I thank you for moving mightily within this family. I thank you for the healing that needs to take place and for Your love to be strong within them all.... In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!!!
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