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  1. Touching on what was said above: Your relative wasn't seeking truth. You can NOT base any of your feelings, worth or decisions on what was said to you because it didn't come from a place of truth. The devil's scheme worked against you didn't it? Took away your confidence? Made you second guess yourself? Discouraged/frightened you? Ah, but you KNOW who you are. You are a precious child of the King Most High. NOTHING can seperate you from His love. And, if you are leading and teaching your children to know Him the way you do, then you are a GREAT mom. Heavenly Father, please open this daughter's eyes to see the truth in the what the devil has done against her through this interaction. Give her the confidence she needs to stand strong, tall and proud based on your love and your definition of who she is in you. May she use this moment to strengthen her walk with you and grow closer to you. Bless her in her mothering. Speak to her fears and doubts and silence them as she draws to your side. Amen.
  2. Job's friends condemned him too. Sometimes, we, as a church, are not humble enough to admit that we do not understand God's ways or His choices. Some feel that they must defend God and when He does not heal or deliver in the way we think he should, we then say the problem must be you. For all the times you have been rejected, hurt and unloved in this way, I repent and ask for your forgiveness on behalf of the church. Indeed, I declare that I have NO IDEA what God is doing in you or your ailments. BUT! I believe he has a plan for you! Even if you were to be bound to a wheelchair - I believe him when he declares he has a plan for you, a wonderful plan! 1 Peter 4 and 5 reminds us that we should not be surpised when we suffer. That the devil is waiting in our moments of suffering to pull us away from our flock and rip us apart. To make us feel alone and weak. Steadygaze, you have thwarted his plans to pull you away from the flock. Don't let go of us!!! We are here to encourage you on through what must a frightening, LONG road. But you have declared for yourself that God is there with you!!! Amen!!! What a poerful testimony. In your suffering, you are a witness. You are causing non-believers to take notice. They see the HOPE you have in a hopeless situation. God WILL give you opportunities to minister to the unsaved because you have hope in a terrible situation! You will also be able to minister to those who have shunned you and told you this is your fault or that you have sin blocking healing. NO! God's plan is for you to demonstrate humility and to TEACH those in your sphere of influence to do the same. Your back may be weak, but there is a strength in you that will never cause you to falter!!!! And you know that. Hang in there, friend! I pray that God will send you an outpouring of encouragement this week. I pray that He will open the eyes of your heart to a new understanding and revelation that will give you the strength to continue on the path you are on. I pray that fear will be tossed out on its rear and replaced with confidence and that you will walk taller than you ever have before!!! Much love surrounds you in this moment! Rnest
  3. In re: to the weight. I do want to say this, so that you do not get discouraged. I have been in a health management accountability group at my church for the last 2 years. Our leader had the same experience as Connie when it came to smoking cessation. Cold turkey, not even a single cigarette more. She was discouraged that the overeating and weight management did not happen the same way. NOT to say that it couldn't, but that for her it didn't. Why would the smoking be immediate and not the weight? Was the surrender different? I actually do not think so. I really believe in praying with her and being in weekly contact with her that she did really surrender. I have no explanation for why God does things one one time and a different way another. That's why He is God and I am not. I do know that one theme that keeps coming up for us is not just surrender, but DAILY surrender. I'm not great with the short answers about how to make the weight and the issues associated with it just disappear. If so, I wouldn't need my accountability group anymore. I just know that I have to trust that Jesus works everything for my own good. So, if he does not immediately deliver me from my cravings or asks me to pray more, align my will with his, exercise self-control, etc., then I have to trust there is a reason for that. To me, it's like why are some people immediately healed sometimes and others still have to walk through traditional medicine sources. Some instances are about faith. Others are absolutely not. But trusting Jesus through it all and being obedient to Him through it all, whether I am immediately delivered from my circumstance or not, is a MUST. Keep working it out. There are so many things we do not understand about God. Sometimes, like when the Pharisees and other teachers of the day questioned Jesus, He is pleased when we push to know more, especially about Him. Other times, he wants us just to surrender to His plan, like when we push to know the details before we step out in obedience. I guess what I am trying to say is to continue to work through the questions and desire to know more about God's ways. Continue to persevere to be obedient to God's request of you to be wise and accountable for your health. Rely on Him for direction as to how to do this. Keep going!!!
  4. I hear you when it comes to the weight thing. Self control is always hard for me when it comes to eating. I think it comes down to this one thing: We must rely on God to meet our needs. I, personally, disagree w/ the worldly philosophy that I have to make sure I am meeting my own needs. When I am looking to God to help me focus on meeting my needs, making priorities, exercising self-control, knowing exactly what I am called to do etc, life goes smoother and my weight reflects that. For me, personally, motivation is fickle. A plan with goals and reaching those goals and FOCUS is so much better. In regards to not keeping promises to yourself, is that true? Or does it just seem true? One thought might be - relating back to your weight - is to institute some rewards for meeting some health goals. Like taking yourself shopping, getting your nails done, etc. See - then you'll be keeping not just a promise for not such fun stuff as well as some leisure. There's some balance there! Good luck. I know for me, I can say "AMEN" to everything you are expressing, but don't give up!
  5. You are making these decisions not only out of a desire to be obedient to God, but also out of your love for your son. Does he understand that? Many of the things God has told in the bible to do or not do are not because GOD wants us to do or not do them in order to make him happy, but are because He KNOWS what is good for us and not good for us - for our own good. Many of the words and thoughts expressed in M music, video games, etc. don't put us in the right frame of mind to engage in proper relationships with other people. Relationships of all kinds - friends, family and love, are hard enough without music, lyrics, violence, etc. to distort our views and thoughts about other people. He claims you are changing? GREAT! Praises to God! As a mama, you are called to raise your son to know and honor God. When his head is filled w/ video games he cannot know or honor God. When he knows God, then he can choose for himself if his video games are appropriate or not. Until then, God put you in authority over him. Period. Raising kids is not easy! I KNOW! Hang in there! Be encouraged in your position of authority and persevere as you try to honor God in all areas of your home and life. Blessings!
  6. Blossom: You had commented about the scripture that God makes himself known in a vision and/or dream. My question to the forum is this: Has God actually revealed himself openly to you in a vision or dream, or has it just been a deep, indescribable impression on your heart that the dream/vision/message was from Him. Like coming away from spending time with a friend your heart has known forever, or is it overt??? I have not experienced the overt version. I have seen an angel in a dream one time - a blatant angel - and listened to it while it played the piano and sang in worship. But have never seen Jesus nor God in a dream. I am also not claiming to be a prophet either, but I was just curious as to what others have experienced.
  7. This study had collected some dust in my mind since its original posting. Thank you for your blessing, MB, and pulling this study back to the front of my mind again! Waiting - I STINK at it. Just want it NOW!
  8. Hmmm. Couple thoughts to reflect back. 1.) It does sound like the anger is spreading through your home. I don't know if that is a specific demon, but certainly your home environment and family are under attack! I always see everything as having two sides - both the physical and the spiritual. 2.) Who is in authority over your sister? A husband? A father or mother? A grandparent? What is that person doing about this issue? Why or why not are they responding? Is there anything you can do to help open the eyes of this authority figure to the damage that is being caused to your family? You may not be in a place "fix" anything right now, you may just need to be the tower watcher, so to speak. You may just need to be the one to bring to light the issue. That will take a lot of perseverance and prayer on your part. I think, from what I know of you through your posts, that you are up for that. 3.) Clearly, at least one thing she gets from her rage is CONTROL. Control over other people. Control over the situation. Is this the only way she can get control over her life? Has something really terrible happened to her that she had no control over so now she has learned a method to control other people? (Please reflect privately, not necessary to post publicly). 4.) Not only is anger lurking in your home, but FEAR as well. Read back over your descriptive post about how these altercations occur. Do you see it? Do you feel it? Read back over your post and notice what emotions YOU feel. Maybe journal those??? 5.) You seem to be managing the rage as only it can be managed by keeping things from escalating. But is there ever a calm time for your sister when you could approach in love and tell her how things are from your point of view? And not even from the standpoint of, "When you do this, this is how I feel. . ." b/c it doesn't sound like she could even hear that right now. But present it from the point of, "When you go into a rage, I worry that it will make you sick. Do you worry that it will make you sick?" She may or may not see the correlation between her health and rage the way you do. She may see it and still not care. This sounds like a serious issue. A very serious issue. you only have control over so much. But I sense that you understand that when you say, "I do not want to involve myself in a situation in which I am not prepared to deal with it." Keep using that wisdom. Look around at what resources God has placed in your path. I will be praying for you, Sister. Please report back on your well-being and your sisters. Satan must be mad as all get out at you for not letting him just win this battle. I have prayed for protection for you. Take care!
  9. Butterfly - No offense OK. I'm going to ask a few more questions to get you dig deeper. Don't do them for my sake, it makes no difference to me. But you posted this under the counseling section, so "let's cousel". I don't want to argue. That's not helpful. And bottom line, you are the one that is there, in that relationship in which you don't have a whole lot of choices to walk away. So, let's agree before going any further, that this is about exploring a topic further with the hope that God can help you see what He desires to happen in this situation, that He may be glorified and that your loved one may be restored. When you say "jump in", what do you mean? Does she know that when she gets that angry, she is out of control? Have you been able to reflect that back to her in a calm manner when she is not having an episode so she can see how others see her when she is that out of control? What does she get from her anger? Why does she choose to act this way? (These are questions you have to be asking her or asking of the situation if you really want to know how much of this behavior pattern she is choosing and how much is out of her control/demonic). Do you see what I am saying about the continuum between what we choose that spirals down to something we don't have control over to something that we let Satan have control over? Is she saved? "Anger is a person's response to anger-producing situation. It is the result of one's CHOOSING how he feels. Incidences or situations do not make us angry; we choose to be angry as the result of a situation." That's taken directly from a psychiatric anger management manual. Isn't it also biblical? That when we get into anger provoking situations, God wants us to make choices in which we control ourselves, in which we serve the other person instead of our own personal interests? Either way (meaning a poor behavior pattern or spiritual, meaning demonic) she needs help. She needs behavioral help in understanding what anger is, what it is doing to her body (as you pointed out) and what she is getting out of choosing this behavior. She needs spiritual help (which is where I think your heart is) to know Jesus and to know how to grow strong in the Spirit (was it Daphne or Mia who posted about the dream where she literally grew larger than the demonic spirit that had been sent to buffet her?). It sounds like you are correct to be so concerned. Everyone gets angry. Everyone gets anxious. Everyone gets discouraged or depressed. But you have to look at how often it is happening, and does it impair your day-to-day functioning. If this person is making herself sick, then it crosses the line from normal, to being an "issue". I would be curious to know if someone is able to define for you, in this case, whether this is strictly a demonic issue. I am not saying it isn't demonic. I honestly do not know. I am just pointing out that there are some choices that she is making in CHOOSING rage which means even if you deal with the buffeting spirit, she has to deal with her own spirit as well. I guess what I am asking back to you, is can you clearly say this is only demonic or only natural? What if it's both? What do you think? Is it only one or the other or can it be both?
  10. Does it matter? Whether it is of one's self (and a lack of control of self) or demonic, it is not Godly. Are you losing focus trying to label something when the ultimate need is for this person to be restored to God and for His Spirit to teach this person self-control? Don't take my words harshly. I am just asking you to examine where you may be losing energy that needs to be reserved for prayer. Are you in harm's way? Is a child in harm's way? I think I agree w/ Connie that there may be a continuum starting w/ natural anger that is not brought under control into something deeper, with less and less of our control and more and more of who we let have control over us - Satan. You have some concerns, otherwise you would not be voicing these questions. What are your real concerns? Concerns for this person specifically? Concerns for those who are in the sphere of influence of this person? I hope this is a safe place where you can speak up your true concerns and get, at the very least, prayer support. Why has God placed you in the place you are in? How can you bring forth fruit of the Spirit in your own life or someone else's because of this situation? Are you being called to intercession? Or are you being called to protect the innocent? I do not sense that you are the one to go head to head with any demons that may be involved in this situation. Do not get distracted by worrying about a job you are not called nor prepared to do. BUT do pay attention to what God wants from you in this situation. Pray about it. God is good and He will lead you! May you be blessed for your love and patience for this person. May God open your eyes to what He desires for you to do in this situation and how you can extend God's love and grace to the people involved in this lack of self-control. He has instilled and equipped with you with what He wants you to do. Trust Him! In His Grip, RNest
  11. Any tips, suggestions, helpful passages of scripture, etc?
  12. In hindsight, some of my prophetic dreams (that I can ABSOLUTELY state were from God) had symbolisms of God's faithful characteristics. For example, in one dream, a dam and a rescuer who had heard my cries symbolized God's protection and deliverance in the situation. It came to be exactly as the dream portrayed. Other times, though, there is nothing about God in my dream, not even symbolically, but the dream is still prophetic and gives me wisdom. For example, a couple of times, when my husband and I were almost in two different car accidents, I have seen only the situation (in one dream I saw trucks and their exact colors that I almost hit me. Two days later, I hit flood waters and stalled out. In that exact order those trucks came within inches of almost hitting me.) From the dream, I knew I (and my 3 kids) would be safe and to stay in the car, not get out in the flood water). There was nothing from this dream to symbolize God or to denote it as being prophetic except for the sitrring in my heart to pray earnestly over it. For me, (and it may not be the case for others), dreams with heavenly beings or voices are rare. I have had a couple of times magnificent music, another time, an "angel" seated at a piano singing praise songs, but I usually do not even have so much as a pastor in my dream. Why do you ask this question? Something is abviously stirring in you. I hope feel comfortable enough to "put it out there". Blessings!
  13. Loving Father, I lift Seeker up to you right now. I place Seeker into your care. Please wrap him/her in your love and comfort his/her weary heart. Lord, the battle here is hard. We get so tired of fighting. Please renew Seeker's heart and mind to continue on with the task that you have laid before her/him. Please send human arms and human hearts today to be Christ in a tangible way to Seeker. I ask you to silence the voice of the enemy that tells Seeker he/she is a failure. Lord, please still ALL of our hearts right now so we can hear and receive from you. Thank you Father for this AMAZING renewing! Amen.
  14. Lola 21st: Thanks so interested what you took away from this lesson, because what I took away was that there was some time (24 hours) between the first revelation and the second, which contained the details. I get anxious and want to know RIGHT NOW the details, but sometimes God has us wait. But as I am reflecting on what you have said, you are giht, God gave Samuel a little bit, saw what he did with that knowledge, and then gave him the rest. I just loved this story when I read it (and others like it) because I love seeing how God interacts with us. And it's different for each one of us, not because He acts differently, but because we are each different. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed your insight.
  15. I guess my question is, right now, this week of May, do you have anything that has been on your intercession list for a long time and is now being answered. All the rest of your thoughts I agree with. And I especially agree with what you said about intercession taking your mind off your own troubles. But I was getting discouraged as my list had become SO LONG and SO OLD and now they are simultaneously being answered.
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