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  1. No problem and I apologized for that. I will remember that in the future. Thanks One more question, if you want to recommed a book for their reading pleasure, do we private message or what? Thanks again
  2. If you are single, this Valentine's Day I believe God has a special message for you! God not only wants to be your Father, He wants to be your Matchmaker. For years God has used me as a relationship expert helping many singles through the sometimes frustrating trials by allowing God to be their Matchmaker. God can divinely orchestrate things to supernaturally bring two of His children together. He has done it for me and many others. I know He can also do it for you. God Is Your Matchmaker will show you how to live your single life to its fullest while cooperating with God as your Matchmaker. This book will transform your life as each page explodes with the missing keys you have been longing for. As a loving Father God wants to give you His very best as a single! Singles don't have to feel like second-class citizens as they can find fulfillment and happiness through an intimate relationship with Jesus - as they trust Him with every area of their lives, especially in the area of relationships. Using my own successful life story and others as a template, you will learn practical and proven steps to show you how God works supernaturally to bring together those whom He has chosen.
  3. I was given a Word from the Lord. I was told that the Lord will began to do new thing in me. what do you all belive what that means?
  4. Thanks for clarifying why you chose to use the name I hope you did not take this in offense. However the meaning of the name itself was of a concern with me. If you read jeremiah 20 1-8. it talks about a name change. Names have meanings, and there are spirts connected to a name. Vile does not speak of anything holy, righteous, good or speak of things of Heaven. The meaninfg itself speaks of negative, unclean, ungodly.. Your comment reflect on emotions of what you perceived others might think of you on how you worship the Lord. OK! but attached it to be name you want to be called? I was only trying to make a suggestion and have you see it another way and very well could be one of the reasons you are struggling in the area of self-gratification. That's all. It was only done out of love, not contempt. if you took it that way, I apologize. Renewed
  5. Vile can I make a suggestion? According to Webster Dictionary your username is: 1 a: morally despicable or abhorrent b: physically repulsive : foul 2: of little worth or account : common ; also : mean3: tending to degrade 4: disgustingly or utterly bad : obnoxious, contemptible This name being attached to you could attract some unclean spirits. I hope I did not offend you.... Give it some thought. Renewed
  6. No....... I've been throuht the same thing too. Just cry out to Jesus............. He will deliver you just like he delivered me. I have known of cases with some it was instantly, with others it was progressive. Just you talking about mean you are heading in the right direction. Open confessin is good for the soul. I was reading this website a woman has on this same topic. One day while in the midst of the act, she said the Lord open her eyes and she saw the spirt that was behind it. She said it was the most hideous evil loking thing that she ever saw. She even said that it was short and fat. She immediately was set free and now has a minsitry on this. I was like 'oh no" I do not even want to see anything like that, must have been that, that helped set me free too. My memeory is a bit blur, but I will try to locate her ministry and send it to you.
  7. I used to have that problem Evidently in my own life a door was open. I used to also have sexual encounters in my dreams. Once it was made known what the problem was. I confess my sins, repent and took authority over it. Spirits has a way to attaching itself to us. In m yown life not only was I sexually assaulted, I work in a prison system where the spirit of perversion was manifested greatly. it took me many many yeras to come to this. Anyway on top of that I used to read sexually explicit book, watch porn. But Thank God, Jesus came to set the captives free. And I am free indeed. I was also told that people who has thes problems was involved in the following area; sex ouside marriage, sex with objects, sex with animals, abortions, watching porn, reading porn, abortion, lesbinism, homosexuality, rape, incest. And believe it or not daytime/nighttime soap operas are consider soft porn. Our eyes it a gateway. These things are open door for spirits to attach itself to us. Once you confess and repent, ususally you are free and normally that;s all it takes. Once you stay away from it. In case some need deep deliverence, find a deliverence church but be careful, some of then are quacky and spooky. They will have you worse off then you was before. Be led by the sprit of God. I hope I am making sense Renewed
  8. Then that will explain why I couldn't get into the book, never made it pass the first two pages of the first chapter. It is still lying around ;in good condition, maybe I should burn it/throw it away.
  9. Father In the Name of Jesus, Lay Your hand of fire upon Joshua's memory and give him retentive memory, give Joshua divine wisdom to answer every question in Jesus Name......
  10. God Bless You Please lift my name to the throne if u can remember
  11. For those that are coming against you No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Every word spoken against you shall fail, You will have victory over every conspiracies. IN JESUS NAME
  12. Actually I did not, the Lord gave me something else....... I will use it for another date.
  13. yeah that's what the bump was for ,to push the post up. All I can feel was it will be somewhere, I looked up and saw it, I saw evil and I knew the world will take notice when it hit. I felt really stange like I was in another dimension when the clouds was passing over me. All I knew was something wasn't right.
  14. Thanks Cholette it dies do good to utter somethin gunto the Lord, I heard the Lord tonight say " Victory". And I will stand on it.
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